Wednesday, 26 April 2017

A-Z Challenge 2017 - Houses, some real, some not - 'V'

V - The Vyne

I first I heard about this 16th century country house at Sherborne St John, near Basingstoke was on a very recent 'Flog It' TV show on the BBC.

The Vyne
(30 June 2015 - By Martinv - CC BY-SA 4.0)
The Vyne was built originally for Henry VIII's Lord Chamberlain.The portico on the north front was added in 1854.

Sir Charles Chute bequeathed it to the National Trust in 1956 and each year it now hosts concerts, plays and family events.

It houses The Vyne Ring or Ring of Silvianus, a gold ring probably dating from the 4th century found in a ploughed field in 1785. The property of the Roman Silvianus, it was stolen by a person named Senicianus.

Decades later, and miles away at Lydney in Gloucestershire, a tablet was found at the Roman site known as Dwarf's Hill. This contains an inscribed curse. Silvianus tells the god Nodens that his ring has been stolen and he knows who by; he wants Nodens to sort him out, "Among those who bear the name of Senicianus to none grant health until he bring back the ring to the temple of Nodens."

In 1929, archaeologist Sir Mortimer Wheeler called in J R R Tolkien to advise on the name of the God. Days later Tolkien apparently  began writing "Lord of the Rings".


Mail Adventures said...

The story of the ring connected to this place is just fascinating.
Eva - Mail Adventures

Billy Blue Eyes said...

been there a couple of times and seen the ring. The chapel is well worth looking around

Deepa said...

I totally love this structure. Its magnificent and yet comforting.
Thanks for sharing

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Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Bob - fascinating place with such an interesting history - snippet may be, but well founded. How brilliant to see - and I'd never heard of the House either ... great choice ... especially with the historical connections ... cheers Hilary

FinnBadger said...

A fascinating name, and a fascinating story. Incredible that this story is still known to us.

Phillip | V is for Vodka

Trin Carl said...

Love learning things on I'm learning about things on youtube. In fact I've had the chance to interview a Youtube vlogger who reviews nonfiction and fiction books alike.

Jo said...

Fascinating history Bob. I love the house too.

GeniAus said...

This is my first comment on your A-Z posts. I have been enjoying your pics and posts but have been so snowed under with mine that I haven't kept up with comments.

photodoug said...

Bob, like the ripple effect of the reflection. Thanks for sharing.