Monday, 24 April 2017

A-Z Challenge 2017 - Houses, some real, some not - 'T'

T - Tolethorpe Hall

Tolethorpe Hall, Little Casterton, Rutland
(By Dave Crosby - 22 June 2013 - CC BY-SA 3.0)
This is the venue of the Rutland Open Air Theatre, the 'home' of the Stamford Shakespeare Company.

This June they will be performing 'A Midsummer's Night Dream' and 'Much Ado About Nothing'.

The first manor house on the site was built by the Norman de Tolethorpe family in the 11th century The setting of the hall overlooks parkland with the River Gwash running near by.

I cannot say that I have ever visited the hall, but before we left the area in the early 1960s I had helped to clean out the Gwash further upstream. I also played cricket against the Tolethorpe Park team.

The Stamford Shakespeare Company acquired the then near derelict hall in 1977. I'll confess that we have also never been fortunate enough to attend any of their performances.

For more details of this year's programme visit and don't forget to book dinner in Tolethorpe Hall itself.


Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Bob - love the photo! While Tolethorpe Park seems to be a wonderful place to put on various of Shakespeare's plays and others probably ... delightful countryside ... and then there's dinner too. Interesting home to be shown - thank you ... though the photo makes it! Cheers Hilary

Deepa said...

This house is so beautiful and that picture of you as a young boy is so cute and a bit funny too.
Thanks for sharing

A Peice Of My Life

Mail Adventures said...

A play here? It sounds wonderful!
Eva - Mail Adventures

Emily in Ecuador said...

The house and grounds look lovely. Though you haven't visited the hall, it is nice that you have ties to it through environmental clean up (doubt it was called that in the 60's) and cricket.

Emily | My Life In Ecuador | Tide Pools in Puerto López

Trin Carl said...

Pretty cool that the Tolethorpe Hall will be hosting MidSummer's Night Dream. I was going to see this performed at outside in a park one time but gosh darnit something came up.
T is for Terrific actress

FinnBadger said...

Love this as a location for Shakespeare.

Phillip | T is for Teeth

JazzFeathers said...

What a fantastic manor. It seem the right location for Sheakespeare's work ;-)

The Old Shelter - 1940s Film Noir

Jo said...

Love the house but how sad it was derelict. So glad that the Stamford company saved it. Would love to go to a performance there.