Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Picture of a Picture - Thematic Photography

I have some photos on my office wall that I have shot to create a 'Picture of a Picture'

Sam and Maxie 
They were my daughter's first two dogs - brother and sister, in fact, now long gone over the rainbow bridge. Top right is part of my daughter in a graduation gown.

On the side of a filing cabinet is a picture of a picture of BP Bruce offshore platform. So I guess what comes next is -

BP Bruce
A picture of a picture of a picture.

To see other double takes. no innuendo intended, visit Thematic-photographic-407.


21 Wits said...

Love the dog pictures, of course. I think the last photo is one you've posted a long time ago, maybe?

Jo said...

Picture that!!!

Sharon Himsl said...

Smiling over Sam and Maxie, who are "now long gone over the rainbow bridge." I had two like that once, Mitzi and Fritzi, also brother and sister. Nice memories!

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Donna B. McNicol said...

Interesting - a picture of a picture. I like it!

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photodoug said...

Bob, Sam and Maxie - cute. Nice capture of BP Bruce. Thanks for sharing.

Gilly said...

Love the dogs, of course, they are gorgeous. That oil rig looks just so complex!