Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Feeling Nostalgic - Thematic Photography Returns

Carmi wants us all to feel nostalgic this week so I have dug out some shots of the village where I was born. The pictures are of the house on the High Street in the Rutland village of Ketton, where we lived until the 1950s. The photos were taken in 2009.

100 High Street, Ketton
In the late 1940s there was a wooden fence and double gate and no stone wall. The small box hedges did not exist, and a single gate and path led to the front door.

A separate building existed where the stone wall on the left is now.

The main road from Stamford to Leicester ran by the front of the house with a single white line down the middle - not the hatched arrangement shown above.

The bollards in the next photo were not there either.

Why should I get nostalgic about a stretch of road like this?

Well it was 'our' football pitch which ran from the telegraph pole on the left to just beyond the car in the distance - no one had cars then!

The Blue Bell Inn pub was located on the right hand side of the road. My pal Harry's father ran the pub and used to take him to watch Leicester City play.

In those days, the Premier League did not exist and Leicester played in Division 2.

Jack Lee and George Dewis were two well known players (to Harry at least). This mean he had first choice and was always Jack Lee, leaving me to be George Dewis.

This combination dates our games as Dewis left after the 1946/47 season, when I would have been 10.

And in case you did not know Leicester City, 5000-1 outsiders, won the Premier League title yesterday, just over two weeks before I reach 79.

Now we live near Middlesbrough and have to wait a little while longer to see if they gain automatic promotion to the Premier League - one more match to play, which they need to draw or win against Brighton on Saturday. Come on Boro!

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Jo said...

People did have cars Bob, but not so many. You are a year older than I am. Pretty village.

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Bob - lovely house ... things change - and your home looks like i'st changed with the times. Love the football 'pitch' .. Leicester have done amazingly well ... while will Brighton win or you up north?! Can't say I worry that much .. love the nostalgic photos though .. cheers Hilary

Karen S. said...

Bob that is one charming house! I think I remember seeing it before, but it's worth seeing over and over. It would be a wonderful place to call home even now. Just my style.

Kristin said...

Now I'm wondering what the house looked like inside. I'm glad they put a window in the wall that used to be shared by another building. And now I have to go check out the Thematic Poetry 396.

Bob Scotney said...

Jo - in 1946, the only person to have a car in the picture of the High Street was the school teacher daughter of our landlord who lived next door; her garage was at the back of our house which she accessed up our drive. No cars were parked on the road in those days.

Kristin - I wrote a piece about the house on Sepia Saturday a long time ago. I shall have to find the link and let you know.

Jo said...

Interesting Bob. My parents certainly had one after the war.

Gilly said...

Things never stay the same, do they Bob? But I can imagine you playing football in the road - it was all so quiet then - we children cycled everywhere, no helmets, never fell off, or if we did, just got a scraped knee, and we hardly ever met a car. Great shots and memories.

ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

That place looks wonderful, Bob. I'd be nostalgic for it, too.

Alexia said...

It's so nice to share your memories, Bob. it looks like a lovely place to have been brought up.

Christine Gram said...

Hi Bob, Even before reading your reflections I liked this house. And the street. The door draws me in. I think it would be nice to be rooted to a building with some bones. This one looks like something that will endure and tie times together. Your nostalgia with that of others. Very nice.

PS thank you for your comment on Strange Pilgram. I'm just poking the beast after many years of hibernation. Comments are always very encouraging.