Thursday, 26 May 2016

Shopping - Thematic Photography

I've made my views on shopping on here before, it's a way away from being a favourite activity of mine.

A long distance view is best

This is the garage shop at which I buy my daily newspaper.

As select as it gets
However if they have sold out by the time I get there I just have to cross another road to reach the newsagent which stocks other goodies.

I don't recognise them all
Sometimes in desperation I have to visit the supermarket round the corner - the one whose sign appeared in that first distance shot.

Parking penalty £70
How can anyone stay that long.

In actual fact that notice resulted from people parking there all day when the rail station car park is full, or to avoid parking charges in the town centre.

Sometimes however I have to load gardening products in the boot of my wife's car.

Rolls of artificial grass or water butts, for example
They never have compost when we want some it seems.

These days I prefer to shop -

With one click
I'm sure you will find more exciting shopping experiences by following others at Thematic-photographic-370.


ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

Ahh, you and Gilly are both online shoppers now.

I do that for clothing (and some other things). Haven't gotten the idea of groceries online though. Yet.

Gilly said...

Aldi isn't all that bad if you go early, and just want a couple of things that have been recommended by Good Housekeeping, or suchlike! We have no shops within walking distance now, used to - but they all closed. Very sad!

Karen S. said...

You kind of remind me of my hubby when it comes to shopping! Too funny. Is that Aldi in Michigan or England? We have Aldi here too but I didn't know they were in England!

Bob Scotney said...

A n England Aldi, Karen - they have been here some time.