Sunday, 8 May 2016

Maps - Sunday Stamps II

A wander round the world with maps from different countries in date issue order.

To the Caribbean for a Federation that survived a mere four years.

To Alaska Statehood

1959 - Dig Dipper, North Staay, Alaska map
Down south to Brazil

1962 - 50th Anniversary of the Postal Union of the Americas and Spain
And across the oceans to Bangladesh

1971 (I think) - Independence
For maps of other places check out Sunday-Stamps-II-73. and follow the links.


Ana said...

wow, what a selection! fantastic!! Haven't heard of the West Indies federation so far...and on that last stamp, I love it that Tropic of Cancer is marked...

Joy said...

Seeing the Big Dipper on the Alaskan stamp made me think that there must be glorious dark and starry skies there.

LV said...

Enjoyed so much learning the history of these stamps. At least, collecting them will not require a lot of space to keep. A most interesting subject. Thanks also for dropping by my blog.

VioletSky said...

All those Caribbean Islands, and I am never quite sure where they are located. The Bangladesh stamp is neat to see (a rarity, surely to see any stamps from Bangladesh?) And I agree, Joy, about the stars in Alaska. Love the wings on the Brazillian globe.

Eva A. said...

I love the detailed stamp on the first stamp.
It's a great selection for today's theme!