Sunday, 9 November 2014

Fruits of the Forest - Sunday Stamps

This is my 800th post and the 195th week that Viridian has set us a theme for Sunday Stamps. She has announced this week that she will stop hosting the mene at week 200.

I've been participating since January 2011 and must thank Viridian for reawakening my interest in stamps. So I dedicate my 800th post to her.

Fruits of the forest, nuts and berries proved difficult for me this week as I do not have access to a scanner or to my collection(s). I have had to resort to my daughter's collection and use my camera instead.

Great Britain - Holly 2002
For nuts I had to travel to Ceylon (now Sri Lanka).

Ceylon - Coconuts
Fruits I found in the USA although you might argue whether these are from a forest.

USA - Strawberries and Blueberries 1999
As you can see photographing stamps with a handheld camera was not as easy as it seemed.

To see stamps chosen by other participants visit Viridian at Sunday-Stamps-195.


Postcardy said...

The photos of the U.S. stamps turned out well.

viridian said...

You did fine with your photographs! It's true blueberries and strawberries grow more in open spaces.
thank you for your dedication.

VioletSky said...

I've been taking all my stamp and postcard posts with a camera - so yes, I know how difficult it is. (sometimes 2 dozen shots and a lot of tweaking to get the one closest to perfect.)

anyway, I love the Ceylon coconuts, and the US fruits are a nice series.

Karen S. said...

Very nice Bob, great colors in your stamps too.

Heleen said...

Beautiful stamps. And photographe turns out to be great, too. Especially the angle you used to take a picture of the Holly 2002 stamp, makes it even more 3D, I love your picture!

Eva A. said...

Don't worry about the pictures! The stamps look great.

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Bob - congratulations on 800 posts and to Viridian for starting the stamp meme - they've been fascinating to see ...

Love these and your photography is fine - the images show the stamps really well - cheers Hilary

Joy said...

A marvellous collection of fruit and a nut. I like the different angles of the stamps, you've done a good job. When my scanner was on the blink I tried both camera and then ipad and discovered how difficult to get a decent photo.