Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Wildlife Loveliness

Every year when we visit Michigan I manage to photograph some wildlife. this year was different however. There were lots of Blue Jays about but the only bird I caught on camera was a -

Dark-eyed Junco
Now I understand that the area is suffering from Arctic weather so perhaps it's appropriate that I have a shot of an - 

Arctic Wolf
This was one of the exhibits on show at the Cranbrook Science Museum in Bloomfield Hills. Other beasts that caught my eye were a - 

Musk Ox and Mountain Goat
Grizzly Bear
But the largest of all was the skeleton of -

T Rex
The most fascinating exhibits to me were not the dead/extinct animals but the section on rocks and minerals. These brought back memories of geology expeditions and lectures at university.

Before we left I had to dispose of an old dog bed. Hidden beneath it were two accumulations of wild life.

Ladybirds (Ladybugs)
Ladybirds, a fly and an unidentified bug (on the left)
This find had me searching for the collective name for ladybirds. 

What could be better than "Loveliness."

I hope they find somewhere to survive the cold snap.


Marc Latham said...

Lovely wildlife collection Bob. Yes, hope the insects found somewhere else warm.

Karen S. said...

Those determined little lady birds or whatever (everyone seems to have their own name for them) will discover a slippery route to somewhere within my house! They always do! Thanks for the fun visit with you here, great photos Bob.

Author R. Mac Wheeler said...

glad you carry that camera with you

Jo said...

Actually, although they look like ladybirds, they aren't Bob. I am not quite sure what they are now, I would have to Google it, but we had a plague of them a few years back. They can bite too.

Loved the animal pix and I love Juncos, they have such pretty tails.

Little Nell said...

Not ladybirds? I would have thought they are too. Great photos, especially the junco.

Bob Scotney said...

Most appear to be the Harlequin Ladybird, the American bug that is devastating the UK population of two-and seven spotted ladybirds - just like the grey squirrel did to the reds.

Alan Burnett said...

If this Autumn is anything to go by, the collective noun is "a plague of ladybirds".

rashbre said...

That dark-eyed Junco looks as if it has a similar silhouette to a robin ?