Sunday, 23 November 2014

Furniture - Sunday Stamps

Furniture has proved to be a most difficult theme for me. There is furniture on the stamps I've chosen but it's not the focus of attention.

Norway - King Olav II (c. 995 - 1030)
He was the first effective king of all Norway and the country's patron saint. 

I know nothing about my second stamp, but it does contain a chair.

My third stamp has two chairs and a cloth covered table on a 75th anniversary commemorative.

Great Britain - 1970
As I've 'cheated' I look forward to following the links at Viridian's Sunday-Stamps-197. to see some real furniture.


Lisa B said...

I found furniture a challenge to find too, you chose some interesting stamps, the Spanish one is very pretty.

Eva A. said...

I like your selection anyway!

The Spanish stamp was issued in 1968. It's a painting by MariĆ  Fortuny called "Portrait". It belongs to a series of this painter. See, for instance, here:

Bob Scotney said...

Thanks for the information Eva.

Joy said...

You've found a variety of chair styles, I like seeing them in use in such diverse ways.

viridian said...

Bob I think you did just fine. You have furniture in all your stamps. It's something we tend to over look I guess.
Thank you for participating this week!

Heleen said...

I agree with Viridian: most of the time we overlook things like this. While in fact there is so much more to see in most stamps, just by changing the attention into an other way! I really much enjoyed seeing your stamps with 'furniture-watching' eyes this time!

Jo said...

Odd to think that furniture is used at all really. I think you made a valiant effort.

Sheila @ A Postcard a Day said...

I don't think you've cheated at all! Ideal choices.