Friday, 14 November 2014

Crossing Water - Sepia Saturday

This week's prompt is a 'Couple Crossing a River' with a boulder apparently threatening the pair's success.

It's a widely held belief that you cannot cross running water without there being consequences.

Now if you doubt that this tale is so,
I met that spook just a year ago,
Now I didn't stop for a second look,
But I made for the the bridge that spans the brook,
Cause once you cross the bridge my friends
The ghost is through, his power ends.

If I had to cross the river at Bristol I'd definitely use the suspension bridge.

Clifton Suspension Bride
The Avon is a long way down even from the road that skirts it.

Looking down from the bridge
Daphne du Maurier first saw Cornwall's River Fowey at the age of 19 when their hire car deposited  her, her mother and sisters at the foot of the hill at Bodinnick by the slipway for the ferry to Fowey.

The ferry slipway is at the centre left edge of the photo above. The house with the blue door is the house the du Mauriers were to buy and rename Ferryside and were Daphne was to write 'The Loving Spirit', the first of her novels.

I'm not a lover of ferries as the only Channel crossing I ever took (in 1959) was horrific even before we had left Calais.

The brook that our sons were threatening to jump looked much more friendly in the 1960s'.

Andrew & Adrian
The rocks did not look big enough to be stepping stones.

However some do not need any help to cross. 

Egret in the Fowey Estuary
Other damsels chose to rest on reeds beside a lake. 

Bluet Damselflies
Some just pause to drink at the water's edge with no thought of crossing.

Fawn at lakeside
But are those rocks intimidating her.

This pup has been cast adrift to make the crossing on his own.

Scout getting ready to paddle with his stick
Now grown up, he would just jump in and swim across.

We have just left him back in Michigan where he lives next to that lake. Of course we have to take a plane back across the pond. But first we have to decide whose in charge.

In the Airbus Cockpit (2013)
Do we push or pull?

Well we crossed safely again this year and now it's time for you to cross over to see what other watery treats are on offer at Sepia-Saturday-254.


Author R. Mac Wheeler said...

That puppy is so cute

Patrica Ball Morrison said...

And so who was in charge? Let me guess the lady of course. As always you have some outstanding photos but I especially enjoyed the opening verse from Ichabod...and oh that suspension bridge...hmmmm I would avoid such a thing not aa fan of such bridges nor heights.

Anonymous said...

A most elegant bridge. Curve up or curve down they always look good.

Mike Brubaker said...

The pond photos are terrific but shouldn't one of you be holding onto the wheel?

Jo Featherston said...

Lovely photos, especially the one of the dog cast adrift. Glad you crossed back safely - it's a big ditch! NZers call the Tasman Sea between them and Australia 'the ditch' although of course in their accent it comes out as 'the dutch'.

La Nightingail said...

A playful collection of photos on the theme, but how in the world were you able to get into that cockpit for those last two pictures? What fun!

Bob Scotney said...

We were invited into the cockpit by the Captain prior to take-off. Our battle was for who controlled the throttle.

Lorraine Phelan said...

I've been on that amazing suspension bridge at Bristol and when we parked the car and walked back to have a closer look we marvelled that it moved when the vehicles came off it. It really is suspended. Brunel was a wonderful engineer.

ScotSue said...

Thank you for such an entertaining "take" on this week's theme. The photograph of the Clifton Bridge made me dizzy just looking at it!

Wendy said...

What a beautiful suspension bridge. I like your clever take on the theme.

Postcardy said...

I am afraid of falling off both stepping stones and bridges.

Little Nell said...

How clever of you to ‘bridge’ the gap for us! Once again you’ve featured Fowey, one of my favourite haunts, as I’m sure we’ve discussed many times before.

B. Rogers, Living in Black Mountain said...

I do hope your boys didn't try those rocks for crossing, I agree, there weren't quite enough dry ones to make it. Loved the cockpit shots! How nice!

Karen S. said...

Oh my goodness Bob so many great photos here. Love the both of you, and happy smiles, and Scout is darling, as is the fleeing dear. For bridges you sure brought out a beauty! Great fun post, especially your cute opening!

Kristin said...

If your boys tried to jump that stream, it looks like they would fall in because it's so wide. I like the bridge and the deer photos best.

Tattered and Lost said...

Okay, since in a British car the driver sits on the right, does the pilot sit on the right in a plane? Either way you two make a dandy cockpit crew…though I might wonder what to make of it if I heard "Do we push or pull?"

Cassmob (Pauleen) said...

I'd love to hear more about the story behind being invited to the cockpit. Like others I really dislike high bridges like that -when touring I try to be wily and ensure it's my other half's turn if I know something like that is coming up. And yes, your wife should be the pilot, she's on the left.