Sunday, 30 November 2014

Birds from Europe, Middle East and South Africa - Sunday Stamps

For birds this week I decided to start with some game birds from Europe.

Switzerland - Alectoris graeca - Rock Partridge
The Ring-necked Pheasant occurs in many countries, including - 

Yugoslavia - Phasianus colchicus
I just wonder whether a bird of prey used for sport would take one of those.
UAE - Falcon (issued 07/04/2013)
Finally two birds from South Africa.

South Africa - Bokmakierie and Bateleur
The Bokmakierie (Maiaconotus zeylonus) is a large yellow bushshrike. As you may be able to tell from its beak the Bateleur (Tetrathorpius ecaudatus) is an eagle.

For other birds selected this week please visit Viridian's Sunday-stamps-198.


Eva A. said...

Superbe stamps. I love the calligraphy art in the UAE stamp.

Joy said...

I like the two views of the South African stamps and also the stylised UAE falcon. I wondered if the Arabic lines were saying 'falcon', intrigued I had to look it up and found it is the word 'Emirates' shaped as a falcon, how clever.

Jo said...

Love all the bird pix. We get a lot of animal pix here.

Sheila @ A Postcard a Day said...

My favourites are the South African ones. I like the design style..

Lisa B said...

I looked up the Islamic calligraphy in the falcon too - before reading Joy's comment. I find the images made with Islamic calligraphy fascinating.
A fine selection of birds.

VioletSky said...

Normally, I prefer the birds to be more realistic looking, but that UAE drawn falcon is fascinating!

viridian said...

Thank you for joining us this week.