Thursday, 27 June 2013

Shiny and New - Thematic Photography

I thought I might have to miss this week until I remembered that the local petrol station had recently had a make-over and still looks shiny and new. It's at the Select Shop there that I buy my daily paper.
Petrol Pumps, Yarm Crossroads Garage
It was only after I took this shot that the price of unleaded petrol was new that day, down one pence to 131.9p per litre.

Even the newly relaid forecourt is remarkably pristine.
Petrol Station Forecourt
I even found out that the station had just been granted a licence to sell beer in the shop. So much for discouraging drivers to drink.

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Karen S. said...

Oh goodness, what a place, makes paying for gas a bit of fun! I also wasn't sure what to do for this theme, which always happens when time is short for blogging, but I pulled it through too and posted yesterday!

Jo said...

131.9 per litre, ouch.

Alexia said...

Gosh it certainly looks all glossied-up!
I immediately had to convert you petrol price to see how it compared with what we pay here. Your price equates to $2.61(NZD); we are paying $2.15 per litre for unleaded, which would be 109.078 in your currency.

Anyway - I cannot believe that they would sell beer in petrol stations. How utterly stupid!!

ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

Bob, here in Ohio we have beer shops that a drive-in drive up and get your six pack or case put right in your car, just like it was a fast food joint.

P.S. Nice pics...the gas here is down to $3.09 per gallon at some places.

Gilly said...

Very glossy and new! And a really stupid idea selling beer! What is your Council thinking of???