Wednesday, 26 June 2013

KirkFest Scarecrows

In the North Yorkshire village of Kirklevington it's KirkFest Week

KirkFest Banner on Village Hall
If you could read the dates you would know that the event runs from 22 - 30 June, i.e., nine days in all. A number of different events are to be held ending with a 'Kirklevington's Got Talent' competition in the school.

The first event of the week held last Saturday (22 June) was a scarecrow competition where entrants were asked to display scarecrows in their gardens for everyone to admire. Twenty-five residents entered.

Walking the Dog
I hope you noticed the black 'poo' bag in his hand. This is the dog that lives at the house involved, I have written about her before in my series on North Yorkshire Village dogs here
Pippa (The Cockerpoo)
I succeeded in photographing several of the scarecrows; I will included these in a series of  different posts. 

One house had two different ones on show;
The Red-headed Witch

A Fisherman in a Deckchair
Look out for the others that are to come later; choose you favourite and see whether you can spot the winner from them all.

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Jo said...

Um, I thought scarecrows were for that, scaring crows!! These remind me a bit of Guys too.