Saturday, 29 June 2013

More Kirklevington Scarecows

There was one pair of scarecrows that just have to be seen from different angles to see what they are about.

For those of you who feel nostalgic I hope you remember the UK TV series "Last of the Summer Wine" because I have christened them:
Howard and Marina
You may wonder why they need the map book on Howard's handlebars when all they need to do is use their eyes and read what it says on the  - 

Mind you this girl might need some directions to help get back on both legs.
Windswept Sally
My final group today know how to make themselves comfortable and have decided:
There is no place like home.

This is the third set of scarecrows that I have shown. There is one more to come (on Monday). Afterwards you need to have chosen the one from the four posts which you think won the Kirkfest Scarecrow Competition.


Jo said...

We still get Last of the Summer Wine here, now and again. Fascinating scarecrows.

Karen S. said...

Well, of course I've never heard of the Last of Summer Wine but it sounds interesting. I like these two on their bikes!