Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Orange - Thematic Photography

I have shown photos before of Brunel's steamship the SS Great Britain in its Bristol dry dock; the orange theme this week allows me to show two more.

Rudder of SS Great Britain
This shot is taken through the 'glass' covering that surrounds the ship. Visitors may go into the dry dock and walk round the hull of the ship. You can get a different view of the rudder and go right up to it.

Propeller and Rudder - SS Great Britain
Boat races are held on the River Tees on Yarm Gala Day; the boats fit our theme.

Boat Race on River Tees
During my holiday in Michigan this year one of the jobs to keep me amused was to cut the grass.

Orange mower
If you are wondering about the driver, he's behind the camera ready to take photos of the wildlife before moving them out of harm's way with that metal snow shovel.

Snapping Turtle laying eggs in the grass
It's not often that you get the chance to see a bird of paradise but this is one I like,

Bird of Paradise flower
growing in my son's flat in Cornwall.

For orange treats you need to pop over to Thematic-photographic-204 where you will find others who have responded to Carmi's challenge.


Alan Burnett said...

Having just come in from attempting to mow the lawn I could have really done with that wonderful machine you illustrate. The whole thing is as fine a bunch of oranges as I have seen in a long time.

Gilly said...

Now I could mow the grass with a cutter like that!

Like the boats, too. The rowers, I mean, I think that is a great shot!

ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

I like that turtle picture. Good on you for watching out for them.

Max Sartin said...

That's one huge orange propeller. Great set of pictures.

Little Nell said...

Lovely orange things Bob . We have that flower growing wild here - in some places there are whole fields of it (small ones).

Lisa Shafer said...

Wow. That ship is really something, isn't it?

Karen S. said...

Your orange is awesome! I was going to post my lawn mower too, I even have a push one that is orange...after all my post is all about orange hanging around my yard! Great orange series Bob!

DW96 said...

Great post, Bob. I didn't know SS Great Britain was in a dry dock.

Oregon Gifts of Comfort and Joy said...

Hey, Bob! That lawn mower is something else ... good thing that you noticed the turtle.

Fun pictures,

Kathy M.

Carmi Levy said...

I've always wanted to ride a ride-on mower. And an orange one, no less...lucky you! I need to spend more time around drydocks...what a cool way to see a ship up-close!

Jo said...

Glad you didn't pick the turtle up with your hands, they can struggle quite wildly.

That is quite a prop. Interesting to walk round the ship in dry dock. Is that where she is permanently?

Bob Scotney said...

Jo, SS Great Britain is on permanent display in the dry dock where she was built on Bristol's Historic Quay.

Well worth a visit.

Jo said...

Guess they don't use the dry dock any more. If I ever come back to the UK again I will try and go see her.

Rita said...

You have posted some great orange items. You lawnmower had my husband drooling when I showed it to him.

I hope the turtle's eggs were safe from that monster mower.

I have to thank you for : one reminding me of some great shots of Bird of Paradise I have never posted and two visiting my balloon glow shot this week.

Alexia said...

You always come up with such an interesting collection of shots, Bob!

Caroline Gill said...

I particularly like the Snapping Turtle photo, Bob, and the Bird of Paradise ... which I feel could take off if it opens any further!