Friday, 27 July 2012

Ball Games - Sepia Saturday

I knew what I was going to post as soon as I saw this week's prompt:

I played cricket for many years but I've only watched one game of baseball.

Baseball - Dearborn, Michigan 2006

Earlier that summer we visited England's north-east coast and came across a cricket match in progress in the shadow of Bamburgh Castle.

Cricket at Bamburgh Castle 2006
 I've also played a lot of tennis but was never good enough to beat my daughter even when I was fit.

Beaten again - Sveti Stefan
Playing tennis indoors on hard courts didn't help my knees so I turned to golf at the late age of 50. As an active hockey and cricket player I had always told my golfing friends that any b....! fool can hit a ball that stays still.

Billingham Golf Club - 17th green

 I was recovering from minor surgery at the time that I took that shot of two of my golfing partners.

Billingham - 11th fairway
 I also have to admit that my daughter also beats me at golf although she only plays a few times a year.

The Homestead - Michigan's fresh water resort
Here she's posing with a golfing statue at Michigan's Homestead resort.

Finally here's the family's current sporting star.

Surfing champion
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Alan Burnett said...

I feel exhausted just looking at the photographs. I assume the game on the sands would be a limited over game - otherwise they might get a little wet.

Wendy said...

Wow -- that cricket match beside the castle puts the Boston Red Sox "Green Monster" to shame.

Jo said...

Sveti Stefan - in what was Yugoslavia? I was there in the 60's.

My hubby, who was an all round sportsman, thought the same about golf until he finally took it up. Bad back made him quit recently, sadly. I quit before him, lost my game completely. Hit nothing but worm burners.

Bob Scotney said...

Jo, we went to Sveti Stefan in the 1980s. I believe it's in Montenegro, part of Yugoslavia at the time.

Jo said...

We used to call it Sweaty Stephen, we had a meal in a restaurant on an island I recall. Same year as they landed on the moon.

Oregon Gifts of Comfort and Joy said...

Bob, as always, you give us a wide variety of photos ... sounds like your girl is quite an athlete.

I've never been to a cricket game before. Though I watch baseball on t.v. all week long throughout the summer, I only went to my first major league game last June in Seattle.

Hope that you have a great week,

Kathy M.

Joy said...

A most energetic post this week Bob. It is a cracking boundary line at the Bamburgh pitch but even a benign game of cricket doesn't take away the immense power of the castle walls.

(Queenmothermamaw) Peggy said...

I played gold as a young woman and got pretty good. When I met my husband he was a speed demon and racing was his sport so I dropped the golf. I do have to give him credit for trying the golf but he just moved too slow for him. Oh what we women do for our men. I love the land of castles. Enjoy the games.

Susan D. said...

I live about 50 miles from Bamburgh and it is one our favourite places to visit. I love your picture of the cricket match under the shadow of the castle.

Karen S. said...

Bob you sure took us on a fun frolic of sports for all! Of course the Michigan photos I adore always, but gee some of those action shots are superb! Great themed based sepia, not the way I went this week, I just don't have the sports photos in my collection!

Little Nell said...

An enjoyable post as usual Bob, Great set of pictures. I like the one of your daughter striking the same pose as the statue, but the Bamburgh Castle one is a gem.

Rosie said...

Personally, I like the one of you on the surf board, (chuckle). Great pics!

Sheila @ A Postcard a Day said...

You are a great sportsman! I have never been one for playing ball games although I do enjoy watching. I prefer to get my walking exercise unspoiled.


Great post!!
Nice to see you're a good sport and will even confess other beat you at times. Love the surfing pic. I always find this impressive.

Kristin said...

These posts are making me feel my full unathletic self. The most I have done this summer is stand in the waves.

Mike Brubaker said...

There is something about chasing a ball that goes back to primal instincts. Especially when you add sticks too. Surfing may be in our DNA too but more about fleeing sharks.

Sharon said...

I love the picture with the castle. Look how white the outfits are!