Thursday, 19 April 2012

Silhouette - Thematic Photography

Often photos you take turn out to be silhouettes although that may not be what you intended.

When taken this came out all dark, so dark in fact you could only see a black shape, but as you can see I tinkered with it a bit. I also tried another on the same garden parapet.

Gargoyles (Yarm 2012)
The next picture comes from my brother's alum of pictures taken during the war. I can safely say no-one else can take this picture today.

Indian War Memorial, Port Tewfik, Egypt - 1940s
The monument silhouetted against the sky was destroyed by Egyptian troops during the war with Israel, in 1967 I think.

Closer to home is this shot I took of Brunel's famous bridge.

 Clifton Suspension Bridge
Finally a shot I took in Norway in the 1980s.

Pulpit Rock
And the same rock on a postcard.

Two silhouettes
For more dark outlines please visit Carmi's thematic-photographic-192-silhouette


L.G.Smith said...

Love the two silhouettes at the bottom. I also took some pictures of gargoyle-like dragons that were on top of some shops in Wales. They didn't turn out how I hoped, but when I got home I was able to tinker with the photos enough that you can make out the red dragons now. They're very whimsical, so I'm glad I was able to salvage the photos.

Gilly said...

I like that second gargoyle - really fierce looking! And the bridge is good, too.

No, our crows are definitely not rooks, I know their bills look rook-like in the photo, but I can positively assure you that the nasty black demons are crows! They eat the ducklings on the lake, baby birds in the nest and have tried to get a woodpigeon, but so far as I know without success!

Robyn Campbell said...

The gargoyles are beautiful!!!! Oh my goodness, Bob. The silhouettes charm my soul. I could stare at them for a long time and I actually have been looking at them for some time. Excellent photography. Will visit the link. :-)

Karen S. said...

I totally agree with you! Sometimes they are a gift waiting to be received, but for me usually not! Of any photos I delete immediately, besides the horrible-blurred ones, it's silhouette photos. I just don't often find them to be that a bad thing? Maybe they are like eating french fries, they're good but too many are bad for us.....LOL

Clarissa Draper said...

Really cool photography. I'm not good at it but I love the work of others.

Tonja said...

Great pictures.

Jenni Steel said...

Very nice photos regardless what you say.

I'm terrible at photography, my pics always turn out blurred and I end up deleting them.

Karen (formerly kcinnova) said...

I especially like your shot of Pulpit Rock!

Jo said...

I remember Pulpit Rock when we sailed some of the fjords many years ago. Good pix.

Max Sartin said...

Awesome pictures, I love the two at Pulpit rock.

Carmi Levy said...

You have an amazingly diverse way of looking at the world! I love them all, and all for unique reasons.

Oh, to spend a Sunday afternoon having you walk us through your photo archives :)

(New theme, faith, is now up. Whaddya got?)