Friday, 27 April 2012

May Day - Sepia Saturday

I searched my files and came up with nothing appropriate. So then I started looking at events elsewhere over the years and  finally settled for these.

May Day in the country - 1859
Wood engraving  - artist Homer Winslow (1836-1910)
Published in Harpers Weekly
From Homer Winslow Collection - Boston Public Library

Moving on a few years there is this garland for May Day.
Walter Crane 1895 - Working Class Movement Library
Moving into the 20th century but staying with the workers connection is this celebration in Sweden.

First May Day in Slite, Gotland, Sweden - 1918
From the Swedish text that accompanied this photo I gather that in the evening there would have been music provided by a workers' band.

Somehow I think that the following May Day celebration was not for the 'working class' and an up market band would have been required.

May Day Celebration at Call-Collins Mansion,
at the Grove, Tallahassee, Florida
 (Florida Memory Project)

If yo wish to celebrate more May Days you should visit Sepia Saturday 123



Little Nell said...

That’s a very fine engraving you’ve found Bob, and the Walter Crane design is striking too. It’s amazing how many interpretations of May Day there are I’m learning something new all the time on here.

Karen S. said...

What lovely dresses they wore in Florida! I too had nothing in my files or albums really, so I had to skip about in search of stuff, but I rather like that. It's like having my own private little history class for free, right! You sure discovered some interesting items as wel, thanks for sharing!

Laura Marcella said...

Hello, Bob! These pictures are amazing. The May Day celebrations look like a blast!

Have a lovely weekend and happy A to Z!!

Wendy said...

May Day in Sweden looks a bit chilly! I'll take a day in Florida, thank-you.

Christine H. said...

That engraving reminds me of the song we always sang at college on May Day: The Hunt is Up. I wonder if the group in the engraving is off to hunt or just for a ride.
I love the photo of the southern belles in their finery.

Alan Burnett said...

A great selection. I was especially pleased to see the Walter Crane illustration, I had forgotten all about him.

Teresa Wilson Rogers said...

The first two are beautiful, I love the wood engraving. And the lovely southern belles - what can I say!!

barbara and nancy said...

How odd -the Homer Winslow. Do you think he might be any relation to Winslow Homer?

Sheila @ A Postcard a Day said...

I wonder what the boy is handing to the rider? In France they offer Lily of the Valley on may Day and I've always wondered why.

Postcardy said...

My favorite is the Garland for May Day design.

Titania said...

Interesting May day celebrations through different times. The last one
very effective with all the well to do maidens! said...

Walter Crane is new to me ... what a fascinating picture and all the little snippets, "the plough is a better backbone than the factory".

Oregon Gifts of Comfort and Joy said...

Hi Bob, these are great pictures. I like the first one a lot of the kids giving flowers to the ladies. It reminds me of leaving May baskets on doorknobs.

Kathy M.

(PS - I had all of my A-Z posts set up ahead of time and just wrote the story each morning. Your A-Z posts are very detailed and intricate and much harder than what I did!)

barbara and nancy said...

I love that Walter Crane illustration!!!


Can't help thinking of cupcakes when looking at those young ladies in Florida. Nice finds here. Good work, Bob!!

Nancy said...

I'm still amazed to find that May Day was such a big day of celebration, and beginning so many years ago. It was interesting to see the changes over time.

Linda said...

That Florida shot looks like an outtake from Gone with the Wind. The Crane illustration is lovely.

Mike Brubaker said...

Another great mix, Bob. Celebrations of May probably have their roots in ancient rites, maybe there were even Neanderthal cotillions.