Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Mirror, Mirror! - Thematic Photography

Winter has returned to Scotland and the North of England today, golf was aborted as a result. This meant I had time to check out some mirrors, real and virtual.

Lounge Mirror
To understand what you see you have to remember Snell's Law - the angle of incidence = the angle of reflection. So what you see is the lamp and pictures on the walls to the right of the photo.

If that's too difficult, let's look at a framed picture acting as a mirror on my office wall..

Map of the County of Lincolnshire
The reflection comes from the window off scene right. I hope you can make out the branches of some trees.

In the bathroom a shaving/beauty mirror stands on the window ledge and gives this effect.

Bathroom Mirror
What interests me about this shot is not the image shown in the mirror, but the frosted glass window behind it. It is not green, The lawn outside is what makes the background colour.

When I saw the result of my next shot I though immediately of Alice and Through the Looking Glass.

Hall mirror with the image of the front door
I eventually got sent out in the rain - I took my camera with me. 

Reflections in the rain
And when I saw this I thought of Gene Kelly.

Puddle reflections 
So I guess that we need to do now is to dance off  to Carmi's for some more mirror images.


La Crona said...

I am amazed again, again you have found the proper metaphors to tell your story on mirrors...similarities and reflections.

FilipBlog said...

Very good interpretations.


Lisa Shafer said...

You got some very unusual angles in these shots. Well done.

(I almost had the typo "angels." THAT would've been an interesting group of shots, too!)

21 Wits said...

Oh Bob these are just awesome-reflections of beauty! I especially like your map picture with the outside captured in it. But they are all very mirror, mirror and pleasing to the eyes! Sorry your weather has turned, it did a bit here too, every other day or so it seems. Enjoy your week!

Max Sartin said...

Great set of pictures, love the puddle one!

k~ said...

I came here from the A-Z, but got captivated in your reflections. I love photography, and enjoy the reflection aspect more than most. This was a treat. Thank you!

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Beth Camp said...

I enjoyed this mix of reporting and photographs, rather different than what I'm working on. But Scotland offers much history. I'm wondering how a writer might define 'the angle of incidence.'

Gilly said...

Love your interpretation of the challenge, but the very best is the hall mirror with reflection of front door. It gives a totally surreal picture.

Jo said...

Have you seen Paddington Bear's Singing in the Rain?

Marc Latham said...

Cheers Bob, nice mirror images and reflections (in the images and your words).

Yes, as that last double meaning showed, mirrors can be ideal for inspiring interesting images, thoughts and words.

That of course inspired my Folding Mirror poetry form:

Snow, sleet and rain just stopped here, so has hopefully passed...?

Enjoy the rest of the day...

Sarah Tokeley said...

I love the hall mirror one - and the last one makes me want to dig out the wellies :-)