Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Seeing Red - Thematic Photography

In meeting the weekly themes set by Carmi I'm seeing things and interpreting photos in a different way than was intented when they were taken. Here's some that have me 'Seeing Red.'
This plant has been in our garden for a long time, but decided to flower this past summer.

Cody has been around a long time too but is always ready for a game. When his coat is long then he is reddish as well.
Cody, waiting for the kick-off.
He's is only pretending to be alseep.

Also at the ready at Stockton's riverside was this fire engine with the high reach ladder and hose.
Simon Snorkel
Fire practice
A pedigree Border Collar with her red prizes has a water connection as well.
Elemark Waterlily (Lily)

This house in Yarm maintains both the red and and the water link.

Flood Cottage, Yarm

 And finally there is this fellow, definitely seeing red after flying into our lounge window early one morning.
Lesser Spotted Woodpecker
 If you want to 'spot' some more then please visit seeing-red


Titanium said...

Poor wee fella! Perfectly captured the little guy's red head... ouch... hitting that window must have really hurt.

All of these are terrific, but this last one really takes the cake.

Karen S. said...

Oh that last shot is just priceless, likes he's bowing his head down just so you can shoot his picture! Lilly is pretty cool too. she appears quite proud of her awards! All your red photos rock, and that shrub is so different it really stands out!

Alexia said...

This is a clever selection, Bob! You have taken the idea in several directions.. the dogs are very sweet.

Gilly said...

Great Photos - especially that woodpecker. Not easy birds to photograph.

And Lilly is obviously very proud of her rosettes!!

Kalei's Best Friend said...

great choices! i love retrievers and those flowers are beautiful.

Max Sartin said...

Fantastic bird picture, is that natural red or was it from hitting the window?
The tree on the cottage is also a great one, and I laughed when I saw the dog. A few medals there, eh?

Bob Scotney said...

Max, the male bird has that fantastic coloured top to its head. You cant mistake it when you see one.

lailani said...

Ahhh, the pup is fun, and the cottage, well, I like your assortment of red :)

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Bob .. wonderful reds - such a mixture .. my mother loves anemones and I managed to buy her some last weekend ... red dogs - my brother had a red standard poodle, who shone red through and through - she was delightful. Now Flood Cottage is very appropriate and what a wonderful display on the wall ..

Great photos - oh yes and Snorkel Simon .. lovely .. cheers Hilary