Sunday, 11 December 2011

Norske Frimerker 1979 - Sunday Stamps

In 1979 I went to Norway on a three month work assignment. One thing followed another before I returned to the UK permanently nine years and 51 weeks later. In that first year one of the things I bought was a collection of  Norwegian Stamps - Norske Frimerker 1979.
Norske Frimerker 1979 (in their original pack)
Working downwards row by row the stamps are:
  • Centenary of the Holmenkollen Skiing Contests
  • The International Year of the Child
  • Norwegian scenery
  • Centenary of the novelist Johan Falkberget
  • Norwegian Engineering
  • Norwegian mountain flowers.
For other stamps from the frozen north visit Sunday Stamps 48


VioletSky said...

Those children look a little oddly dressed for 1979! But they are cute. I like the old fashioned linocut stamps for their detail that doesn't always come through in a photograph.

Marc Latham said...

Nice Bob. It's a beautiful country, cheers.

Little Nell said...

Nice collection Bob. I like the ones with children especially. I remember that year as I had my own year of the child when my son was born!

Ana said...

Im so jealous! You've lived in Norway for so long? If I had the chance to go for an assignment there I'd do anything not to come back...Norway is my dream-country :)

The Norwegian scenery stamps are always lovely...just as the Norwegian scenery itself...breathtaking!!

have a great day Bob!

Joy said...

That is a nice memento to have from you stay. The action packed skiing contest and the tranquil scenery make a nice contrast.

Postcardy said...

It is nice to see the whole year as a group. I have several years of Norwegian stamps pictured on postcards. Wish I knew how many postcards of stamps were issued and where to get them. The ones I have are from local stamp shows here.

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Bob .. you went for a short assignment and spent 9 years and 51/52 weeks up there instead .. did you get frozen in?

Great selection of stamps though ..

Fun - thanks for sharing .. cheers Hilary

Sreisaat said...

You must have liked it there a lot that you stayed longer. Nice souvenir you have - that's what I try to do every time I visit a new country. I buy stamps and postcards as souvenirs {and send them to myself and selected friends} instead of the usual knick-knacks that take a lot of space in my baggage.
Enjoy the rest of your weekend! I have two entries this week :)

Postcards Crossing
My Stamp Menagerie

Bob Scotney said...

Nearly 10 years going from assignment to assignment was a long time to be away from wife and family when you only got home for a long weekend every third week. A beautiful country - yes but it rained a lot in Stavanger where I was based. I won't mention the tax man or the price of alcohol.

viridian said...

I suspect your work kept getting extended. Thanks for sharing from the frozen North!

Karen S. said...

The children, for the year of the stamp, they really stand out. But these are all great again, and I really like how you presented them all! Nice stamp post!

Sheila @ A Postcard a Day said...

Lovely stamps and a great reminder of that time in your life. My own personal favourites would be the engineering


I don't think I have any from Norway, but they look like they do have some interesting ones.