Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Favourites - Thematic Photography

I've a whole host of archive pictures taken during the year, Here are some that were favourites when first taken or else there is a not to be forgotten reason behind the shot.

One frosty morning  I came across this group when the sun was just beginning to win the battle for the day.
Spring Lambs
The next photo was sent to me by my daughter. You have seen this chap before (Seeing red ) but you might not recognise him here.
Cody's had his haircut
There isn't a cheese to match my next favourite from the summer time.
Cornish Blue
And if you were a bee, you would fall in love with this:
When you've drunk you fill you can buzz off here to see others' favourites via Carmi's blog


Max Sartin said...

I love that beach scene, makes me wish I was there! Great pictures!

Alexia said...

Wow, Cody looks really different - love the Cornish blue (going to see it one day!) And that cold spring light in the first one... great favourite choices, Bob.

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Bob .. lovely photos .. but particularly The Hayle Estuary and Godrevy Lighthouse out in St Ives Bay = home for me!

Cheers - have a very merry continuing on to a successful and happy 2012 .. Hilary

Kalei's Best Friend said...

That blue is gorgeous!and that dog definitely has my heart... btw my kitty's coat has changed.. she is now a dilute tortie calico...

Karen S. said...

Oh Bob these are great favorites! Cody is just the cutest always, and the haircut is adorable....animal shots, especially dogs are my favorites!...that, such dreamy sand and cool blue waters...very nice collection!

Catherine said...

That beach scene feels very like New Zealand, even though it's in Cornwall