Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Strangers - Thematic Photography

Strangers in my photos are there for a variety of reasons. On Brunel's SS Great Britain it was the anchor I was interested in.
Anchor for SS Great Britain 
No matter how I tried for a picture of the anchor in the Bristol dry dock under the bows of the ship, strangers got in the way.

In other pictures the stangers are needed as an integral part of the action like this one shot in Norway.
A Foal's Feeding Time
In Germany this street scene would not be complete without all the strangers involved.
Freiburg Street Market
My final photo is one where the strangers had to be included although the dogs were the stars for me.
Forest of Dean Dog Show - Judge under pressure?
For other 'Strangers in Paradise' photography visit them here on Carmi's blog


tony said...

I Must Be The Stranger In Lots Of Other peoples Shots! I Wish I Could Find A Way Of Discovering Them!

Alexia said...

Good to see your blog back, Bob! But I can only see 2 of your photos - has Blogger eaten the other 2?
I like the street market shot - they're always interesting places to have a camera at the ready.

Bob Scotney said...

Alexia, please let me know which two you can see.

If anyone else has the same problem, please tell me.

Alexia said...

Can see them all now, Bob.
Merry Christmas!


Tony should try the algorythm for facial recognition...

I often photoshop people out of my pics. I'm mean that way...
Season's greetings to you!!