Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Triangular Thematic Photography

When I saw Carmi's triangular theme I searched the house for something that matched. All I could find was this souvenir of my time in Norway.
Viking ship
Looking for other triangular shapes was more difficult until I remember a photoshoot undertaken for a different reason.
Hope House - blue plaque
OK, I know the plaque is rectangular but you can't say the same about Hope House itself, dwarfed by the railway viaduct in the North Yorkshire town of Yarm.
Hope House (For Sale)
I started this post in Norway so I'll finish there as well with a shot I'hope you don't get hooked upon.
Ugland Crane with a load from Rosenberg Verft, Stavanger
On second thoughts I found an appropriate ship with which to end. 
SS Norway, docked in Stavanger
How many triangles have I shown? I'll let you count them, and others at Carmi's Thematic Photographic 166 triangular.


DW96 said...

Sorry , Bob, I lost count after about three.

Cracking pictures though.

Murees Dupé said...

These are really great, Bob. You are very talented.

Abhi Balani said...

really nice pictures.



Aeria said...

Great array of triangles here! There is just something captivating about the shot of the crane- very intriguing!

Alexia said...

Way too many triangles to count! But stunning photos. I love the little Viking ship...

Gilly said...

Love the cranes! And which came first - Hope House or the Railway?? Not a happy position!

Great shots!

Bob Scotney said...

Gilly; Hope House is from the 1600s; the viaduct a mere youngster from the 1840s.

Carmi said...

These are wonderful. I love Hope House's name, and the way it's hard up against the viaduct. What an amazing structure and location!