Friday, 28 October 2011

Yarm Viaduct

Whenever I look at this aerial photo of the town of Yarm in North Yorkshire it seems the wrong way round.
That's because if you live south of the town, as I do, you come into the High Street from the right as you look at the picture. 

At the left you can see Yarm Bridge just beyond the viaduct. The bridge was built in 1400 way before the young whippersnapper that now dominates the town.
Blue Plaque
I've never attempted to count the arches but even these details do not prepare you for the size of the thing.
Yarm Bridge with the Viaduct behind
Crossing the River Tees
The Viaduct was built to extend the Leeds and Thirsk Railway from Northallerton to Stockton and Hartlepool; the line eventually being extended to Newcastle as part of the Leeds Northern Railway.
Engineers and Contractors who built the Viaduct
Cars look like toys beside the structure as it bestrides the town.

The red roof at the left of this picture is Hope House which I have shown before.
Hope House     
Viaduct (At top of Bentley Wynd)
I've never succeeded in getting a shot of the viaduct in use so I've had to borrow one/
Freight Train on Viaduct
Photographer - Ian Britton (ex
(Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works)


Karen S. said...

I do remember seeing Hope House here before. These are just great photos again, Bob. That first one is reminds me only slightly of our own Stone Arch Bridge in Minneapolis, but yours is by far way longer....Yarm appears to be a place of great charm and beauty! Thanks for sharing it!

Doug Peabody said...

Oh I'm completely blown away with these bridges. Some of our oldest bridges date back to the 1700's. You have one there from the 100's! And 7 million bricks on the viaduct? Have you tried counting those? :) Thanks for sharing this great post and thanks for visiting my crazy blog.

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Bob .. those engineering feats of long long ago are amazing - let alone the slightly more recent Yarm Viaduct .. and you're right there are lot of railway viaducts around and they're soundly built. Thanks - loved seeing these photos and Hope House again .. Hilary


but how do people feel having this cutting the city in half? I know people here are not thrilled with the Metropolitan... but your structure is so much prettier than ours...