Monday, 24 October 2011

Fleamarket Postcards - Hartlepool to Middleton Ferry

The second postcard of Hartlepool  I came across in Stockton fleamarket was this view of the Hartlepool to Middleton Ferry.
Hartlepool Ferry (Photographer Alfred Price)
From 1854 to 1952 the ferry from Old Hartlepool to Middleton provided a means for Hrtlepool people to get to work. The 35 foot boats used had to cover only a short distance of c100 metres. From the 1800s people were employed in boat yards on Middleton beach. The village of Middleton, named after a local Methodist and friend of John Wesley, no longer exists.

The Museum of Hartlepool's photostream has the picture of the ferry boat being rowed by two men.
Hartlepool Old Ferry

The e-podunk website for Hartlepool has a postcard of the ferry in operation. Unfortunately they have not responded to my request to use their picture but you can see for yourself by visiting them here

The last ferry stopped soon after the last true ferryman slipped on the ferry steps.

The ferry man, Bull Boagey, cracked his head and died in 1951 while returning from a fishing trip.


Carole Anne Carr said...

Bringing back so many memories, went to Stockton Grammar School and wish I'd bought those postcards, even letters that I found as such places. Those collections are more valued today I should think.

sue said...

I love the old postcards, (and old machinery). I keep promising I'll see if any were kept amongst my grandmothers things.That's sad about the ferry man dying after slipping on the steps. Sue

DW96 said...

A sad ending, Bob, but evocative pictures again.

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Bob .. great photos of times gone by .. and I love the story .. fascinating .. and 'old' Bull Boagey - what a name .. I wonder what the history is of that ..

Thanks - great to look at .. Hilary

renald said...

Hi Bob, a fantastic old postcards with Hartlepool Old ferry boat story... bringing long back memories that touches today's valuable collections.

But very sad about the expire of ferryman, Bull Boagey.