Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Escargots anyone? - Thematic Photography

Carmi's photographic theme this week is 'edible' so I thought I would go out on a limb and offer you the choice of snails.
Snail ( and one blackberry for desert)
If you don't fancy the pattern on the shell perhaps the morsel inside will tempt you.
Snail (no blackberry this time)
The next offering is larger (well a bit) - but could you look it in the eye before consigning it to the pot?
Another snail that likes blackberries
The observant amongst you will recognise another type of leaf on the right of this shot. You could always collect a few and try a drink of nettle tea.

If drinks are not allowed with edible things I wonder what happened to those in my final picture this week.
Mince pies, sweets, and sherry for a tipple
Just a few things prepared for and despatched at an earlier Christmas time.

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Little Nell said...

Well the snail may be edible but I prefer to think of him as the consumer rather than the food item! Is the reference to an absence of a blackberry a subtle statement being made?

Limar said...

I do prefer the pie :) Nice pics though!

Max said...

Great pictures. Many years ago we would take our 9th graders out to dinner at a classy French restaurant for the etiquette part of the "Teen Living" class. I loved watching the 15 year old wannabe men fighting to choke down the snail, especially after all their dates had already eaten theirs.

Max said...

Great pictures. The first school I was at took the 9th graders out to a classy French restaurant for the etiquette portion of the Teen Living class. I used to love chaperoning, just to watch the 15 year old wannabe men fighting to pop that escargot in their mouth to impress their dates. (Who had eaten theirs 15 minutes ago).

sue said...

er, no thanks for the snail. I wouldn't know how to prepare nettles, so might stick with the mince pies thanks.

Rosalind Adam said...

Yuk! Except for the last picture but I have to admit it had a beautiful shell. The only problem was that I was looking between my fingers. I do hate snails.

Aeria said...

I had snails in garlic sauce one time- not something I would eat twice. This is a beautiful snail, but I'd rather eat the blackberry or the little pies :)

Carmi said...

Coolest. Snail. Pics. Ever!

What a great take on the theme!