Friday, 14 October 2011

My Brother's War Photos - Sepia Saturday

I showed a few photos before at My Brothers War but Alan's photo this week enables me to post some more. Four men are in this one too.
Fleet Air Arm buddies
My brother Arthur is on the left. Unfortunately I do not know where the picture was taken or who the others are.
His album contains a lot of action photographs including a number of what I believe is a Supermarine Walrus flying boat like this:
Supermarine Walrus
(The picture came from "Aircraft of the Flying Powers", Volume I edited by HJ Cooper, OG Thetford and DA Russell, Harborough Publishing Co., Leicester, England 1940)

The Walrus used for reconnaissance would be catapulted off the aircraft carrier.
Walrus over carrier
I believe the structure you can see below the plane is a catapult mechanism. But how did it get back on board?

The aircraft carrier would slew to one side creating a smooth surface in its wake on which the plane would land.
Walrus landing in the ships wake
Then the plane would be quickly brought alongside.
Crewman on the wing
His job is to hook up the aircraft to the carrier's crane.
Lifting onboard
Operation complete
I have put these pictures together in sequence based on a desciption of the operation I found on the web. Hopefully it makes sense and Arthur's pictures fit together.

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tony said...

The Photo Of Arthur Made Me Wonder...My Dad Was In The Polish Airforce, Stationed in Britain During The War.Perhap their paths might have crossed at some point?

Little Nell said...

Cleverly done Bob. Arthur would be proud I’m sure.

Postcardy said...

The description of the landing procedure is very interesting. I never knew they had that kind of aircraft on ships.

Howard said...

Absolutely terrifying! Everything about it looks like a quick way to injury or death.

Martin said...

That's quite a procedure, Bob. I wouldn't have wanted to be the man on the wing!

Liz Stratton said...

Fascinating to see the entire process! Thanks for sharing.

Bob Scotney said...

@tony; unlikely that they crossed unless you Dad was on aircraft carriers in the Med or based at Malta.

Mike Brubaker said...

A fantastic post! One of my daydreams for the longest time has been to ride in such a flying boat. Landing inside the ship's wake is a great detail.

Sheila @ A Postcard a Day said...

That's really an incredible manoeuvre!

Carmi said...

Man, that is cool! I've always wanted to visit a modern-era carrier. What a remarkable piece of engineering and teamwork!