Sunday, 1 December 2019

Sunday Stamps - Small Animals; USA, Great Britain

I was nearly knocked over earlier today by a lively one-year old Labrador. 

That reminded me of an issue from 2016 of Forever Pets from the USA in which there were 20 stamps. Here are just four of them that fit this week's theme.

USA - 2 August 1916
I'm not sure that I would have chosen a hermit crab but could understand anyone having a chinchilla, gerbil or a gecko as a pet.

The Woodland Animals series from Great Britain included a small animal whose name has always intrigued me - 

Great Britain - 16 September 2004
I was quite disappointed to learn that Natterer's bat gets it name, not from the sounds it makes but from the name of the Austrian naturalist Johann Natterer. The bat was first described in Germany in 1817.

To see other small animals depicted this week just visit the links at Sunday tamps - Foxy.


Mail Adventures said...

Yes, a hermit crab as a pet sounds a bit odd. I thought hermits prefer to ba alone...

Joy said...

Yes a hermit crab would not be the cuddliest of pets. I like the bat reflection.

violet s said...

Sorry, hermit crab but I would want a pet to cuddle and you are just not the cuddly type, are you?!
As for the bat, that is disappointing - though I think they may chitter more than natter, if you want to be pedantic :)

Maharaja Expresss said...

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