Thursday, 16 July 2015

The Camera - Thematic Photography

I rarely took good photos with cameras before digital cameras came along.

It was as recent as 15 years ago that I bought a FinePix 2600Zoom and gave my Olympus 10 to my younger son (who promptly sold it!)

FinePix 2600Zoom
I was upset when the FinePix stuck as you see it now with the lens extended. I was even more upset when the Fuji dealers said it could not be repaired.

Later I invested in a Panasonic Lumix, the one you have seen before.

Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ50
This is the camera I use most of all - in automatic mode and for macro shots.

In the last few years I also invested in a Sony digital HD video camera recorder with which I took the shots of the FinePix and the Panasonic. Its only slightly larger than the FinePix and can be carried easily in my trouser pocket.

Sony Handycam HDR-CX250
In the photo mode the zoom is superb, so much so that I can see the pattern on the wallpaper in the bedroom across the road!

I have to confess that I regard the phone on my camera as a toy and rarely take photos with it.

Nokia camera
I never seem able to hold it still. Usually I will go back to the same spot and use the Sony instead.

My wife has an i-Pad Mini which gets used occasionally. This was one of first shots taken with it.

i-Pad Mini
I wonder what happened to my head.

For other cameras in use check out the links at Thematic-photographic-341.


Karen S. said...

It ate the top of your head! Ha! Ha! Great lessons we learn in the cameras we use, wouldn't you agree? It seems lately I rarely use any of my cameras and just pull out my phone when I want to take a shot!

Jo said...

You certainly take good pix though. I am a bit the same, I take more photos since digitals came in, but I have never invested in the type of cameras you show. I am still a point and snap person.

Gilly said...

Good array of cameras there, Bob! I always love your shots, especially the one with no head!! ;)