Sunday, 26 July 2015

Say it with flowers - Sunday Stamps II

The envelope containing my Fathers' Day card from the USA this year arrived late (12 days in the post). However the stamps more than made up for that.

USA - 2015
I recently discovered that Bulgaria is one of the most important rose breeding countries in Europe. Roses appear on many of their stamps. A set of eight stamps shows four types of rose.

Bulgarian Roses
What better way to say it with flowers than with roses like these.

To see what other flowers have bloomed this week just follow the links at Sunday-stamps-ii-32.


Joy said...

Although the US stamps message on the bottom is sad its context in this instance is wonderfully whimsical.

Jo said...

I love those roses. I didn't know Bulgaria were rose growers either. How interesting.

FinnBadger said...

I'm a fan of roses as flowers and as stamp subjects, so enjoying your Bulgarian ones.

Maria said...

It's nice and mindful to pick forget-me-nots for the USA stamp design.

The roses stamps are nice too. It made me review in my mind which variety (ies) I've seen in gardens.

violet s said...

I think I had heard about Bulgaria's fame as rose growers from a Postcrosser.
The Forget-me-not is lovely idea for the stamp.

Danut Ivanescu said...

I love the deep blue of the forget-me-not, even if don't comply the real color of the flower.