Thursday, 2 July 2015

Kirkfest Scarecrows 2015 - IV

This is the last group I have to show. My the end you need to have chosen your favourites from the four posts (I - IV)

Orange Grove
June 25th was designated Orange Day by the UN in its campaign against violence to women.

Thunderbirds are GO!
Is that Little Weed in the planter?
Snoopy in a pose we all know
One I don't recognise
The Magic Roundabout
And finally

Mr Bean's Turkey Head
Now you seen all that the judges had to pick from. Look out for the next and final post when the winners will be revealed.


Author R. Mac Wheeler said...

ah...Snoopy has to be my emotional fav.

Jo said...

Loved Snoopy but my favourite has got to be The Magic Roundabout. Used to watch that religiously once upon a time and named my dog Zebedee.