Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Shooting strangers from afar - Thematic Photography

If you live in a village as small as mine it's often difficult to find a stranger at all. However just when I was about to give up I came across an ideal opportunity.

A stranger getting directions from a stranger
I thought it rather odd to see a car in this country lane that leads to nowhere but some farms. When I checked the car's registration I found that it had originated over 250 miles away, in Chelmsford, Essex.

I guess the stranger just wandered into my next shot of a fire practice on the River Tees.

Fire practice near the Infinity Bridge, Stockton-on-Tees
We went to watch our grandson in a surfing contest at Saltburn last October. There were strangers by the score - 

On the pier
and - 

On the beach
Even two of the surfers were strangers to me.

Shame the surf was so poor.
For more strangers unaware they are in the camera's eye head over to Carmi's Thematic-Photographic-306.


Karen S. said...

Oh yes the beach, and a rainbow, besides catching strangers in everyday life. I really like the location in the first photo, and can see how one might needs directions out there!

ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

The surf may have been poor, but you got a rainbow!

Catherine said...

We probably travelled down a few country lanes when we visited the UK, looking for ancestral family farms. - Strangers from the other side of the world.

Jo said...

I miss the beach. I miss the water too although there are lakes around of course and we are not too far from a couple of the Great Lakes, but... not the same as the ocean.

Beaches attract strangers all the time I imagine.

Alexia said...

These are perfect shots for the theme. I really like the guy and the fire engines, and of course the beach shots. It doesn't look very warm, judging by the amount of clothing everyone's wearing!

Gilly said...

Love the pier shot - is there anything at the end, or do you just go up to walk over the sea/ Beach shots look good, too - nice place there!

Author R. Mac Wheeler said...

Nice shots.

Was it Will Rogers or Samuel Clemens who said, "I never met a stranger I didn't like."

Bob Scotney said...

Gilly - there are amusements at the beginning of the pier but the far end is for fishermen and boys or just admiring the views.

Bob Scotney said...

R.Mac - Rogers said I never met a man I didn't like. He also said a stranger is a friend I haven't met yet.

Karen S. said...

This link is from another blogger that I follow and once I read this post I thought, Bob will enjoy this too! Check this out here.

Max Sartin said...

Nice catch on the rainbow! I love the people playing in the waves too.