Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Please be seated - Thematic Photography

When we visited Richmond in North Yorkshire today there were times when I would have been delighted if someone had said to me. 'Please be seated.'

But no-one did, even although there were seats like this available.

This one was the first we passed on our way down from the Market Place to the River Swale.

We could even have used several along the riverside, even those that had seen better days.

Can you spot the dog behind the tree?
Further on we were spoiled for choice when we had stopped for coffee.

Free seating
But we preferred to stand and look over the wall at the 

River Swale, Richmond
Of course we got a better view of the river from up on Richmond Castle's walls.

Looking down on the River Swale
By the time we had walked up here we were very pleased to see a vacant bench. There was no need for us to be invited to be seated.'

Bench in the Castle garden
We know at least two who never needed to be asked that question.

Maxie and Sam
Who needs a blanket?
If you still need to be invited to sit down then check out Carmi's 'Please be seated' at Thematic-photographic-304.


Mattias Kroon said...

Nice theme, be seated and take the dogs with you.

Karen S. said...

Sweet pups, and I did notice the black dog, once you mentioned it of course! beautiful countryside to study and enjoy in all your photos! No need for me to be seated (well because actually, I believe I am) hehehe!

Jo said...

Great pictures. Made me think of how grateful I was for a seat when I visited Alcatraz.

ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

The view of the river from the castle is stunning.

Funny how much dogs love couches!

Max Sartin said...

Cool old bench in that first shot, I like the platform they made to keep it level.

Gilly said...

I would definitely have had a rest on the way up, or along, with all that choice!! Great shots, and I love those two dogs. Ours never sits on the sofa, he always settles down behind it!!

It looks a lovely place, maybe I'll get there one day!

Author R. Mac Wheeler said...

gorgeous park.

I caught the pup. Maybe because I'm well used to searching for my three in the woods :)