Sunday, 3 August 2014

Faraway Islands - Sunday Stamps

I guess what you regard as 'faraway' depends on where you live. In England I've always regarded Australia and New Zealand as the most distant countries we have not yet visited. However I've chosen some smaller islands for this week's 'faraway' theme. I would have to take long haul flights to reach them.

Ardea cinerea is a grey heron. 

The Republic Of Maldives, also referred to as the Maldive Islands, or just The Maldives, is located in the Indian Ocean. It consists of a double chain of 26 atolls. 

The Maldives were a British Protectorate from 1887-1965. It is the smallest Asian country in population and land area. With an average ground elevation of 1.5 metres above sea level it's hardly surprising that its existence is threatened by rising sea levels resulting for global warming.

My second island is a Dependent Territory of the United Kingdom in the Caribbean Sea.

Anguilla separated from St Christopher and Nevis in 1983 but remains a British Overseas Territory. St Kitts and Nevis may the the place you need to go to find that pirate's treasure, always assuming that they were burying it at the time.

Other faraway places, possibly romantic or exotic as well, may be found by visiting the links at Viridian's Sunday-Stamps-182.


Ana said...

except with 'faraway', these could definitely go with 'exotic' too ;-)

Joy said...

I have observed that the essentials to find the pirate treasure is a map which of course you only have an incomplete segment and have to find the rest. Not dissimilar to collecting stamp sets.

Sheila @ A Postcard a Day said...

Both of those qualify as both far away and exotic.

Postcardy said...

Those are both attractive stamps from unfamiliar and faraway places.

viridian said...

These are faraway and exotic for me too- also some long haul flights. Although Anguilla is more of a possibility. thank you for joining in this week!

VioletSky said...

Islands are a good choice. And It's funny, but I never heard St Kitts called St Christopher before!