Sunday, 6 July 2014

Commonwealth Games - Sunday Stamps

The XX Commonwealth Games will be held in Glasgow from 23rd July to 3rd August. This will be the third time the Games have been held in Scotland. Edinburgh hosted the previous two.

The name of the Games has changed since the first event in 1930 when it was the British Empire Games. In 1954 it became the British Empire & Commonwealth Games. At Edinburgh in 1970 it changed again.

Great Britain - Ninth British Commonwealth Games
The final name change came in 1978 to the Commonwealth Games.

The Games are said to be the third largest multi-sport event in the world behind the Olympics and the Asian Games.

In 1970 42 countries took part in 121 events covering 9 sports. One of the countries involved was Malawi.

The sports on the 1970 stamps were:
  • 5d - Running
  • 1/6d - Swimming
  • 1/9d - Cycling
For more sporting exercise I suggest you visit the links at Viridian's Sunday-Stamps-178.


Lisa B said...

I quite like the abstract design of the GB stamps,I am enjoying the world cup at the moment and have watched a bit of Wimbledon, but am not keen on watching athletics etc.

Postcardy said...

I like the action on the first set, especially the running. The swimming design doesn't work very well in that format.

luvlinens said...

Great stamps, I think Postcardy was right about the swimming design. It just doesn't work like the running and cycling.

21 Wits said...

On mark, get ready, set...GO! Great sporty stamps.

agi said...

the green and red stamp are pretty cool, the swimming one taken out of the context could be mistaken for supernatural xD

viridian said...

Malawi..... cool! thank you for participating.

Mail Adventures said...

1970? But they look very modern...