Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Dirty - Thematic Photography

I've shown all my dirty dog photos before so I have gone for something different this time.

A lot of animals come to a tragic end especially those that get killed by traffic. (Some of you may wish to skip what comes next.)

Fox - Roadkill victim
As you can see the bluebottles have set to work. Two weeks later nature has cleared up the mess.

Fox remains - just bones and a little fur
The bones have been scattered, but not far. Most have remained aligned where the fox lay.

Closer to home there is mud, not so glorious mud.

Dirty road
This is the road outside our garden. There is building work going on next door. This released flood waters from a field, their drive became a river emptying onto the road. The brown stain down the centre is mud (clay) deposited as the water rushed down to the drain halfway along the hedge. As you can see it was overwhelmed and water depositing mud still ran in the gutter. The hedge in the foreground is entrance to our drive.

This is what we had to pass through.

Drive entrance
As you may imagine we had dirt everywhere, although dirt was not the word we used. When it dried the residue left behind from the pull-in filled half a refuse bag and weighed over 10lbs!

Some creatures leave residues behind as well. You can tell where they have been.

A slug's trail of slime
The small black slug is hidden by the leaf pointing towards the bottom of the picture.

However the thing that annoys me most is the litter left behind by dirty humans too tired to take it home with them.

World Cup pizza box tossed into a wood
Accompanied by drink cans a little further on.

Empty beer cans
It's not surprising that the local farmer blocks access to his land to prevent fly-tipping in the woods.

Tree barrier (and black mud)
Now you've read my little rant you may wish to see more dirty photos at Carmi's Thematic-Photographic-301.


Max Sartin said...

Poor fox, an unfortunate fact of life with automobiles. And a great shot of the slug slime. Good choices.

young-eclectic-encounters said...

Great shots and wonderful commentary

Gilly said...

Oh my, you do find them, don't you!?? Sad about the fox - but urban foxes are getting to be a menace, I think. (don't know how urban you are, but may be semi-urban?)

At least they aren't washing concrete down the road and blocking up the drains. Has been known!!

You have found some really dirty shots there! Congratultions!

Jo said...

I get so annoyed with people who are too lazy to take their trash home.

Don't often see foxes so it's sad to see them as road kill.

Bob Scotney said...

Definitely a country fox. Gilly. How many years it will remain that way is open to question though as developers hope to build on green belt land. The fox belonged to what is known here as a wildlife corridor.

Alexia said...

Such a thought-provoking collection of shots, and a great commentary. A pity we humans don't clean up after ourselves the way nature does!

ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

That's an impressive two-picture time series of the fox, Bob.

I agree with you about the litter...come on people, have some consideration for others!