Tuesday, 1 July 2014

The Cricket Match - Kirkfest Scarecrows

The annual scarecrow competition was held on the first Saturday of Kirkfest in the village of Kirklevington.

I will be showing the majority of the scarecrows that entered starting with the one I liked best.

The Cricket Match
This was not an easy scene to photograph even when viewed from different angles but from left to right you have:

A down-in-the-mouth Umpire
From a different angle you can see he has his hand raised to signal 'Out' to the 'Owzat!' appeal.

The batsman however is pleased to make sure you know he is representing his home county.

The number of spectators is not large.

Just the Vicar and his wife
They obviously took up the invitation given by the lady in the pink dress; I wonder where he got the biscuit from.

And of course there is only one tea she will serve,

However on a pitch as green as this the bowler must have the advantage.

Until you see how short the boundaries are.


Karen S. said...

Oh they don't scare me a bit- hehehe, what lovely creatures they are, and they drink tea and play sports as well!

Jo said...

What a lot of work went into this display Bob, I am most impressed. It would certainly be a favourite of mine.

Patrica Ball Morrison said...

Bob, may be back to blogging after absence, actually running out of checked on your posts....I love the Vicar and his wife! These are very made up scare crows compared to what I'm used to...there is a Brit sitcom we watch on our PBS stations television "Keeping Up Appearances" these characters fit right in.