Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Treetops - Thematic Photography

I'm spoilt for choice this week for Carmi's 'Treetops' theme as we are surrounded by trees in the village where I live. 

Here are two of my favourites from the small wood down the road which I photographed at regular intervals over a year.

Silver birch which has 'lost' its top
while the trees around have retained theirs. That hole is the result of woodpecker activity.

Spring hawthorns dwarfed by other trees
Treetops provide good cover for small birds like this.

A Blue Tit blends in
And for larger ones as well.

Wood Pigeon in a Sycamore  
The tree overhangs our garden.

Ash trees shrouded with Ivy
I wonder how long it will be before the Ivy wins and they lose their tops like the one on the left. Meanwhile I just have to lean back in my office chair to enjoy their presence.

On my morning walks there is a tree I always check to see whether it's still there - it's dead and keeps losing bits of its top to high winds.

Dead Ash tree - December 2013
On the same walk early in the year I can hear noises coming from the top of large Beech trees.

Rookery nook.

One of my favourites is a tree that overhangs the lane.

Walnut tree
It's the nearest one to us that I know and must be the one the local squirrels raid for the nuts that they bury in our lawn.

Across the road from us are treetops that photograph well after a white frost.

That concludes my treetop tour. For other takes on the theme swing over to Thematic-photographic-273-treetops.


R. Mac Wheeler said...

Ha. I was just outside taking pictures of the naked sycamore limbs against our stark-blue sky today.

Karen S. said...

Wow, I guess you are surrounded by a great many kinds of lovely trees! I like the first one best of all!

ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

That's a great selection of treetops and birds, Bob.

As you know, these are also favorites of mine.

Alexia said...

A beautiful collection of treetops, Bob - I couldn't pick a favourite, but I was intrigued by the woodpecker hole (no woodpeckers in this country).

Gilly said...

I love all those trees, Bob, but I think my favourite is the frosty one! The Rooks |(or were they crows?) make a terrible racket when they are nesting - hope yours aren't too close to the house!

jessbrady1035 said...

These are fantastic, Bob! Love the shot of the frosted trees and power line. Very cool...err pun not intended lol.