Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Dawn and Dusk - Thematic Photography

It's often difficult to get the weather and the skies to give you shots you want when Carmi sets us a theme like 'dawn and dusk'. I used existing photos earlier in the year in Sun-up-sundown-thematic-photography. which included sunsets in the village where I live. 

Last November (and again in recent weeks) we have had some beautiful dawn skies.

Kirklevington dawn - November 2012
That same November day
And again
Today the skies had a similar look, but within two hours when the sun was up the conditions had changed somewhat.

The sun over Kirklevington today
Even in 'close-up' the fog took the shine off the day and the temperature had dropped 5C.

Trying to burn the fog away.

Perhaps you will find more light and a warmer look at Thematic-photographic-272.


DougPhoto2009 said...

Thanks for sharing your early morning skies above Kirklevington.

R. Mac Wheeler said...

enjoyed the photos

Jo said...

We went out earlier in the day and the sun looked just like that in the fog except it was snow. It has been snowing off and on for a couple of days now so we are beginning to get an accumulation.

Mattias Kroon said...

Amazing! The wonders of the nature.

ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

I love those fiery skies, Bob.

Gilly said...

I actually like the first foggy picture the best! Though not it I had to be out and about in it! Lovely skies there!

Karen S. said...

What beautiful magic you have shared Bob, thanks so much!

Alexia said...

A great selection of shots, Bob. I wonder if the fog disappeared and left a lovely clear day? I hope so!