Thursday, 5 December 2013

Perish the Thought - Sepia Saturday

The first cartoons I remember when I was a boy during the war were in the Daily Mirror - the world famous Jane, who struggled to keep her clothes on, and the strong man Garth. And then there was Rupert the Bear and his Nutwood pals - in the Daily Express, I think.

After the age of 11 I learnt Latin and French and started on Mathematics, This was perhaps a good thing before I came across this man.

Réné Descartes (1596-1650)
So I had no problem understanding what this French philosopher  said - "cognito ergo sum" or in French "Je pense donc je suis." I also could handle the Cartesian coordinates which had been named after him.

By now you must be wondering what on earth this has to do with this week's SS prompt.

Well it reminded me that another of my favourite cartoons was The Perishers, which included Boot, an Old English Sheepdog.

Boot went on holiday to the seaside each year where he always had an encounter with a crab in a rock pool. Imagine the crab, looking upwards to see 'eyeballs in the sky' as Boot looked down on him.

Many years ago someone gave my wife and apron. It now resides in the USA. I'm pleased to say that it has been modelled for me and some photos sent across the Atlantic to grace this post.

Boot in a dilemma
The model wishes to remain anonymous as she will not admit to ever wearing an apron.

As for Boot he really is in tizz.

As the background to the apron is blue perhaps while you think about this post you should listen to:

before crossing over to Sepia-Saturday-206. to see whether you can find some more apron strings to pull.


Carole Anne Carr said...

Just love this, I want one of the aprons, and you are a fan of Rupert Bear and Descartes, glorious!

ScotSue said...

What an entertaining post - yes I was wondering after all the high academic stuff when we were getting down to aprons and Boot was a mew character to me. So thank you for the lesson!

Marc Latham said...

Nice collection of serious and funny philosophy. Yes, Perishers were one of my faves, and I enjoyed creating a storyline in the Werewolf of Oz based on their holidays.

Vagabonde said...

Je pense mais je ne suis pas sûre d’être – j’existe voila tout. But I do like the apron.
Now about the Blue Christmas, your version is OK but it would not do where my daughter lives – right now she lives in Memphis, Tennessee, the home of Elvis Presley and his version is the only one they play on the radio there.

Deb Gould said...

Jane who had trouble keeping her clothes on? What kind of stuff were you kids reading, anyway? Sounds a bit shady. Nice apron!

Postcardy said...

I never heard of the Perishers. I am confused about whether the song has anything to do with the cartoon. The cartoon looks and sounds a lot like Peanuts.

Rob From Amersfoort said...

Réné Descartes lived in Amersfoort for a few years. He had a daughter named Francine, unfortunately she died of scarlet fever at the age of 5 in my hometown.

Bob Scotney said...

Deb - I think the Jane strip cartoon was to encourage the men serving in the forces.

Postcardy - the song is by the Swedish group The Perishers. We hadn't heard of Peanuts till well after the war.

Jackie Mc Guinness said...

Great post!

Jo said...

I used to love Rupert Bear and was given the album every Christmas. Yes, it was the Express.

What a great apron, I would love one of those too.

Hazel Ceej said...

Whoa..w! amazing! The last time I ever heard Blue Christmas was probably in 4th grade.

Boot is fun :)


Mike Brubaker said...

You never miss a twist in the theme, Bob. But I suspect real dogs would say, "Stop thinking. Throw the ball."

Little Nell said...

That beats my Camp one! I still love dear old Rupert.

Wendy said...

A rather stream of consciousness post. If I were wearing that apron, I'd wish to remain anonymous too.

Jackie van Bergen said...

A dog that thinks! Gee that'd be a good pet!
So many great aprons this week but not many in sepia :)

Kristin said...

I never heard of the Perishers before either.

Boobook said...

I wondered where you were going with this blog:)
Nice one.

Alan Burnett said...

I remember Boot and the Perishers so well, it always was my favourite cartoon. I wonder if you can still get Perishers books and aprons today? I must go off in search.