Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Speed - Thematic Photography

Carmi has chosen to show a plane in flight as our prompt for his 'speed' theme so I thought I would follow him,

Landing Speed - 1940s
This was an aircraft coming in to land on an aircraft carrier during WWII.

Someone shouting dinner provoked this turn of speed.

Cody and Lily at racing speed
In the local town of Yarm is the house once owned by a war hero.

Sign for Tom Brown's House
Tom was the hero of the Battle of Dettingen in 1743 where he charged the French to recover the British battle honours. Supposedly Tom was knighted on the battlefield by King George II, the last British monarch to lead an army in the field.

Yarm has a fair in it's high street every October and there is always a chance to get yourself in a spin.

A Ride at Speed
From time to time a photograph gives an illusion of speed and you wonder how it happened.

Speeding Hedgehog
We have speed humps on the lane in my village approaching the primary school, not they would trouble this fellow if he ever made his way across the Atlantic.

Snapping Turtle
No wonder he's snappy, he wouldn't even catch that hedgehog.

No you have the chance to catch your breath before you rush over to Thematic-photographic-234-speed.


Rosalind Adam said...

I love that speeding hedgehog. Brilliant. It does look as if he's running faster than those dogs!

Marc Latham said...

Nice varied assortment.

Winston Smith said...

"Speeding Hedgehog, Snapping Turtle" would make a good children's book title.

Very enjoyable speed-themed photos. Thanks for sharing!

Jo said...

Poor ol' turtle. They can scrabble pretty hard if you pick them up. I did once, mistake. Not the snapping, but the legs.

Alexia said...

Love the dogs at top speed! The fairground ride is really good but my favourite of all is the first one - that's a special shot to have.

Gilly said...

I love that hedgehog! Actually, they can belt along if they want to! And the dogs - wonderful what a magic word does for them!!

The fair ride is really good, too.

ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

Nice critters, Bob.

And I love the dawgs, of course!

Max Sartin said...

I love the speeding hedgehog.