Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Letters and Numbers Around Us - Thematic Photography

My morning walk to collect a newspaper covers a distance of about two miles each way. As it was a sunny morning with the hard frost beginning to clear I took my camera, intent on getting shots to meet Carmi's theme of "Letters, numbers & other characters." I came back with 38 pictures, all of which seemed appropriate; obviously I can't show them all.

The local Shell garage is undergoing a refit and there was an environmental services wagon parked across the forecourt. I had to take this picture through a wire mesh fence.

Hazardous Material Warning Sign
Today was the day that household waste is collected and just down the road were three wheelie bins awaiting the refuse truck.

Wheelie Bins (Trash Cans)
The amount of roadside rubbish to be seen on the footpath, in the hedge bottoms and in a birch wood was appalling - discarded sandwich wrappings, coffee cups and soft drinks cans, enough to fill another wheelie bin I'm sure.

Discarded Energy Drink Can
Whoever left this obviously hadn't enough energy  to carry the empty can home.

The garage in our village does its bit to help the energy crisis as you can see.

Garage Sign
I've often glanced at the numbers of the lampposts in the village and just assumed that these were just for identifying individual posts. Then I found this.

Power Line Post
That plate at the top has hole-punched code which is alpha-numeric presumable for inspection and maintenance purposes.

If my pictures are driving you 'up the pole' just be careful which one you climb.

Danger Sign
Now what am I to do with 32 more photos? While I make up my mind perhaps you should head off to Carmi's Thematic-photographic-235. Please don't drop litter on the way or else you may become a member of the "Litterati".


Karen S. said...

I do enjoy your numbers and letters from your side of the pond- your way of spelling tires (over here) is so much cooler! You have to post your link over at Carmi's yet, I just visited everyone there so far, and you're not listed!

R. Mac Wheeler said...

My fav...the last one.

I love gnarly tree limbs. I'm a tree lubber.

- Mac

Bob Scotney said...

Karen - I have posted my link but Carmi probably hasn't Oked it yet.

My computer crashed while commentin on other posts and it's taken me an hour to get going again.

lailani said...

I like your character...s... A song popped in my head as I read through, I think it is from the '70's.. signs, signs, everywhere there's signs... can't remember anymore, and might have that wrong :) Have a great day!

smalltownme said...

Oh so many! I like the flowers on the trash can.

Winston Smith said...

I like the power line post plates best. It's something that was meant to be cold and functional, yet there's something about it I find artistic that draws me in.

Jo said...

Funny that, I didn't even notice tyres, and yet I am so used to spelling it tires these days.

Interesting shots. I just wish people would deal with their own trash and, as you said, take it home.

Gilly said...

Those are really good! Love the telegraph pole and the tree sign. Would a tree climber be able to see that when the leaves are out before he started climbing??

aw said...

An interesting mix. Amazing how many different places one can find letters and numbers. Must try this with the grandchildren. They love using digital cameras and it would give them a target to aim for.

tony said...

Sadly, whoever drank the Relentless still didn't have the energy to put it in the bin......

Tina´s PicStory said...

cool signs! :)

ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

I've been taking a few trash bin pics meself.

Good clean fun, right, Bob?

Michèle Dextras said...

Looks like it was trash day! Great photos, very appropriate and very urban!

DougPhoto2009 said...

Neat collection. Reason one should always have their camera within arm's reach.

Max Sartin said...

Flowers on the trash can, love it!

Jeffrey Scott said...

Loved your comment about the discarded energy can. So true. No energy to carry it, or just lazy and stupid.