Tuesday, 7 August 2012

IPhone Dogs - Thematic Photography

I thought that I would have to miss this week when I saw that Carmi was proposing for us to post photos taken with a mobile device. I am a bit of a dinosaur when it comes to such equipment; my mobile phone has no camera and a £10 top-up lasts me c6 months.

I have many photos of dogs, especially those owned by my daughter. Often you can't take 'posed' photos of dogs with a digital camera and I can see that impromptu shots can be snatched easier with a camera phone.

Lily and Scout (Iphone 3G)
This photo was set up. I was stroking Scout just after he had been clipped; Lily as usual wanted to be petted too not knowing that it was her turn next.

The next shot is one of Lily in disgrace caught on the IPhone just after she had been scolded.

A muddy Lily (IPhone 3G)
Here is Cody in an Elizabethan collar; I'm not sure whether he's asleep or whether he has is just fed up. He is easier to photograph as he will stay still when told - he's 14 now.

Cody's collar (IPhone 3G)
The next two shots are with an IPhone 4S; you would be very lucky to get the shot of the two dogs with anything other than a camera phone. The 4S phone gives exposure times for the photos where the 3G photo data only records the aperture as f/2.8

Gem and Scout (IPhone 4S f/2.4, exposure 0.67sec)
For comparison here's an outdoor shot with the same IPhone where you could take your time before taking it as the subject will not move.

Hanging basket (IPhone 4S; f/2.4, exposure 0.005sec)
Thanks to my daughter for sending me these shots.

Now I'll let you be the judge of the results. I confess that with my digital camera it's just a question of point and shoot and that I have no experience with IPhone photography.

For other different takes please check out Thematic-photographic-207


Little Nell said...

You sound like me Bob. I have all the wizardry at home but my phone is a £10 Samsung from Tesco and my top ups last about the same length of time as yours. Lovely dog pictures though.

Filip and Kristel said...

This first picture is really great, we also have a Golden Retriever.


Alexia said...

I enjoyed these, Bob - lovely dogs.
I have a smartphone but have taken very few photos with it - I plan to take some today, though, thanks to Carmi...

Karen S. said...

Oh poor baby with the collar, although it seems very content anyway! Lovely photos Bob, especially the colors in the last shot. I'm so glad you worked outside the mobile-phone-box and posted! Although personally I don't think a person without a smartphone is rather SMART! Really who needs to be so connected and every waking moment! Right?!

jeannemx said...

The first one is so like Samson - my trial at posting photos on wordpress. Samson's mum has recently gone back to a camera rather than her iphone for pictures, soemthing to do with how they print out much better when transferred to a pc.

Carmi Levy said...

Our pup, Frasier, has been chewing his leg again - this has been going on since last September, when he got a bug bite, which progressed into a sore, and then... - so the cone of shame is back on. Sigh, bless their furry little hearts.

I love this series...and I'm so glad your daughter got in on the act. These are all wonderful. And that porch looks like such a great place to just take in the world.