Friday, 3 August 2012

A Policeman's Lot - Sepia Saturday

With elections coming up in the UK for police commisioners Britains's chief constables have warned candidates about using policing images in their election material. You get the feeling that a policeman's lot is not a happy one.

Hopefully however this group of Victorian policemen were in a happier mood.

19th Century Policemen
Photo of framed Victorian photograph by Linda Spashett (CC A 3.0 unported licence)

This photo comes from the West Gate Towers and Museum, St Peter's Street, Canterbury.

Even during WWI a policeman's lot  was not always to be envied as shown in this picture from Bermondsey on 14 October 1915.

Damaged house, Chambers Street, Bermondsey 1915

(Photo - Imperial War Museum Collection)

The policemen are standing beside a crater caused by bombs dropped from the German airship L15.

But courtesy of the Bury St Edmunds Past and Present Society (Spanton Jarman Collection) we can see another group of policemen in what looks like a  more rural setting.

Group of policemen at Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk - c1900
Perhaps they are getting ready to join in the chase - 

Buster Keaton running from a huge mob of policeman
(release date March 1922, Buster Keaton film Cops)

Which surely is a cue for

Hope you enjoyed the show as I could not find sporting policemen like those in this week's prompt.

For more police related stories check out SS-137


Little Nell said...

We could have had the embarrassment of both of us posting the same thing this week if it wasn't for my brother-in-law stepping in. Keystone Cops and Pirates of Penzance were my first thoughts and I'm so glad you brought them into the Olympic Stadium Bob. You've got to love Buster!

Food Smarts said...

You made my lunch break today!! I really enjoyed the film clips - perfect selections for the theme. The photos are great. In the first photo I wonder who the two are in the first row, without gloves and no shiny buttons - different hats too. What an enjoyable post!

Karen S. said...

Bob you certainly took this week's theme and ran swiftly and delightfully with it! That first video with the cartoon characters added in just has the best beat to the music, a very fine video as was your last one for fitting right with the theme. Great photos too, you aced it all with that running shot. Very cool, all the way through.

barbara and nancy said...

They might not have been sporting policemen, but they sure were running policemen, and tons of them. a cast of thousands!

Did Buster really think that tie disguise would work?

Buster Keaton is one of my very favorites. Thanks for sharing this film with us fans.

Jo said...

Boy, do those uniforms ever look old to us these days.

Mike Brubaker said...

Perfect pitch for this weekend's theme, Bob. The last film excerpt is a favorite of mine. No one could top Buster then or now, and his cop chase is a classic hoot.

Wendy said...

Those Victorian policemen look like a serious and sturdy bunch. If they couldn't inspire order, who could? Love the Buster Keaton clip, especially the see-saw ladder scene.

Peter said...

I notice on the first image that having a moustache seemed to be a requirement to become policeman. The ones without are definitely showing a stiff upper lip :)
Great picture!

Oregon Gifts of Comfort and Joy said...

Perfect! I loved the large selection of old cop photos and the videos.

Kathy M.

Jana Last said...

Great post! The photos are awesome too. Interesting that in the Victorian photo there's a dog posing for the photo too in the very front by the sign. Police dog perhaps?

(Queenmothermamaw) Peggy said...

You were sure in your element here. What an enjoyable post. I have been watching The Grand a BBC production and love watching the old techniques used by the Bobbies. Love BK. We studied that classic in a college class on cinema and communication.

Wibbo said...

I love Buster Keaton! Great policeman pics too.

Postcardy said...

The Buster Keaton video has racing and gymnastics.

Titania said...

Very stern looking police men, WE represent the law! Enjoyed so much Buster Keaton, always so much fun to watch. The Alma swing is very nice too! Great post!

Sharon said...

A very enjoyable post. I loved the addition of the video clips.

I've often wondered how heavy those helmets were?

Rob From Amersfoort said...

Yes I enjoyed it, especially the Buster Keaton clip (I hadn't seen it before).

Anonymous said...

Bob, I thoroughly enjoyed your post. Like the police photos and noticed a dog seated out front with the first group. He doesn't look very menacing, if he was their police dog. Maybe he was more of a mascot instead.

The Buster Keaton film was hilarious - I've never seen it before.


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