Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Movement - Thematic Photography

You may take shots that that show motion as a blur, but my selection for Carmi's theme of  'Movement' has frozen the action at the time. Motion on land, water and in the air has been caught in these photos taken in the USA and the UK.

Turkey Vulture in Michighan
The turkey vulture (or turkey buzzard) is an ugly looking bird in close-up but elegant when it glides around looking for a carcase to eat,

I'm not sure what this is, just let's say I wouldn't want to swim to close to it.

Flat body, big mouth, aquatic - I'm off!
This may have been larger but at least it's (h)armless I'm told.

Northern Watersnake in Michigan lake
I feel much safer with this fellow caught in mid-stride.

'Harry', the Blue Heron
I wonder whether he tackles that snake and the thing I don't like.

Here's something ideal for a hot day.

Closer to home water is still the theme. A competitor practising his paddling skills.

Tees Barrage International White Water Rafting Centre
This facility has just been upgraded and is to be used as a practice centre for London 2012 Olympic Games.

My next shot shows my grandson in surfing action.

Riding the waves
Finally an all time favourite shot of a granddog.

Blind Sam in mid-pounce
Now I guess, it's time for you to go and study more movement at Written Inc's thematic photographic 180


Alan Burnett said...

Your photographs illustrate your point well - when we certain types of frozen shots we simply add the movement ourselves.

Gilly said...

All your shots capture a movement in mid step, as it were. But I think the Heron, The fountain and the surfer are really good. The surfer has captured the speed of the surfer down the wave, and the fountain, because the water is "smudged" by a longer exposure, really gives the idea of a moving fountain.

But the heron shot, with the bird reflected in the water, and making a great pic with the silvery wood, also reflected,makes a shot that is truly good.

I'd trim off the grass to the left and a wee bit off the top - but that is just me! I really love that heron!

Little Nell said...

Once I’d got over the shudders from all those snakes and other long slippery things, I was glad you ended with the dog picture. A sensitive nose makes up for a lot (still talking about the dog).

Tina´s PicStory said...

great shots! i love the last one :)

Marc Latham said...

Nice photos and theme Bob, cheers.

Karen S. said...

blind Sam? as in really blind? Yes, I too have my almost 7 year old Cocker-Spaniel that sadly is pretty much blind. We are adjusting, she's really being a trooper, although I'm taking her to the doctor which possibly can regain eyesight in one eye! Your Harry here is so cool, I actually have one that comes around (who knows if he's the same one or not really) but when you walk along the shore of this lake, he follows like he's ready to steal your fish! Absolutely cool movement shots here Bob, everyone of them!

Alexia said...

I too particularly like the heron - and the surfer's great, too. Good choices for this theme, Bob!

Max Sartin said...

Great surfing photo. You also really captured that watersnake well. Nice!

Bob Scotney said...

Karen; Sam was my daughter's dog who went blind for two years before he died. I'm waiting on an editor who has promised to publish an article this year on living with a blind dog, based on his life.

young-eclectic-encounters said...

Nice shots and dialogue- delightful interpretation of the theme

vickya said...

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