Thursday, 19 January 2012

Hello Dolly - Sepia Saturday

I was sure I was going to have problems this week until I remembered.

But when we had an electrician working in our loft earlier in the week others saw the light.

1960s Doll
Originally this doll had a bottle which when filled with water resulted in the doll wetting herself. No bottle now and you can't see that she has lost her knickers. She is still the proud owner of a carry cot equiped with a pillow and blanket to keep her warm, and with a cover and hood to keep her dry.

She had a companion in the loft whom I thought had gone to a charity shop some time ago. So let me introduce, from the same era:

Tiny Tears
As her name implies she wept realistic tears. Perhaps she now fears what is going to happen to her.

Much to my surprise I found another doll on display in our house. So here's a Brazilian who seems to wink at you.

Doll from Brazil
So that you get some idea of size here are the three together - rivals to the Pussy Cat Dolls?

The family favourites have travelled a bit, probably more than the Brazilian. So all the way from Peru we have:
Paddington Bear
I hope you will agree that bears are allowed as well as dolls. Teddy made his intoduction at an early age.

Teddy in a future garden and loved already
He even took precendence over Paddington and the heartthrobs on the wall.

Teddy in prime position
Teddy has been all round the world and now resides with Paddington in the USA. He still looks good to this day.

At ease
Meanwhile his larger brother Herbert has had his share of love.

Herbert gets a cuddle
But Herbert wants to know when his turn will come to leave our loft and wend his way to the USA.

For tales of other dolls you now need to switch to Sepia-Saturday 109.


Karen S. said...

As well should be the life for all Teddy the Prime position! Head of the class, don't you think! I too had those dolls, that drank and wet and cried! (Still do) and just think you have spared the life of those darling girls this them in hopes of little girl grandchildren to have hours of golden fun! Great post straight from the beginning! Hello Dolly! I have to get working on mine too!

Kristin said...

Good bunch of finds although that Brazilian doll looks rather ghostly.

Postcardy said...

I had a Tiny Tears doll, but it looked like the older baby dolls here:

Wendy said...

The 1960s babydoll has a beautiful little sweater set. Great post -- and yes, teddy bears are welcome! My girls didn't care for dolls, but the younger one always carried some kind of lovey including a Pound Puppy, Care Bear, and a zebra.

Teresa Wilson Rogers said...

Well, Hello Dolly...... I think you picked a very fitting title. I love the Paddington Bear. He is so lucky to get to travel.

Little Nell said...

Lucky you to still have those dolls (and teddies) in remarkable condition, and I bet those clothes were hand made by some loving mummy, granny or aunt. I’m just wondering about the captions though Bob. I’m no expert but I’d have thought the first one was Tiny Tears, and looks like the one in my post, made by Palitoy in the 70s. Postcardy’s Tiny Tears was a very different doll manufactured much earlier in the States of course. I don’t remember there being a non-baby doll version, but you have it in front of you. What does the maker’s name say (usually found on the nape of the neck)? I expect your daughter would know. I have to say she’s a very handsome doll and was obviously well cared for. I wonder what other treasures your loft will yield.

Oregon Gifts of Comfort and Joy said...

Oh, Bob, what a wonderful post. Leave it to you to think of Hello Dolly. Not only are the dolls and bears special, I admire the posters on your girls wall too.

Happy S.S.,

Kathy M.

Christine H. said...

I'm glad you included the teddies too. Yes, they absolutely belong. Besides that, we would have missed out on the teen idols if you hadn't included them.

Rachel said...

Hi Daddy. Yes, Little Nell is right. I'm pretty sure the first one is Tiny Tears. I don't remember the second one though. I'm so happy that Teddy gets a starring role--he's 42 years old and does still look great (and well out of reach of my 4 dogs, I promise!). And I think that you should carry Herbert on with you on the next flight over here...??!! They'll probably charge you for an extra seat though! xxxxx

Rosie said...

Takes my back in time, such sweet dolls and girls. Do young girls play much with dolls now, or do they spend all their time on the computer, or smart phones?

Pat transplanted to MN said...

I love that you mentioned Louie's Hello Dolly...The Brazilian doll surprised me at her tiny size...I would have thought her bigger. The bears fit quite nicely. I am waiting for someone to mention the song Paper Doll too. You did with so many dolls and bears...

Linda said...

Teddy bears do count! My husband has a favorite that I gave him years ago. And I seek out Teddy bear paper dolls for him (really to amuse myself more than him).

Bob Scotney said...

I bow to the rule of three - Little Nell, Rachel and her mother - they all say I've got it wrong with the identification of Tiny Tears.
I'll bet that Rachel doesn't know that the coat worn by the tallest doll was actually knitted for her to wear when she was small.
Herbert is open to negotiation before he travels -it depends on whether he need ETSA clearance and a passport to enter the USA.

Jo said...

How funny that you managed to find two dolls in the attic and one in the house. I hope the bear is re-homed soon :-) Jo

tony said...

Bears Are Just Dolls With An Different Chromosome!

Sheila @ A Postcard a Day said...

The bear was very clearly very well loved, judging by his lack of fuzziness.

Liz Stratton said...

Lovely dolls and a great find! I too worried a bit about this prompt as I had not photos with dolls. I wasn't much of a doll fan. Early in my childhood I was forced to return my only doll to the fire department. Fire hazard! I never really formed an attachment with a doll after that.

Mike Brubaker said...

Oh the things we save in an attic! In our house, there are no dolls, but there are teddies left by my son for some once and future child.

Alan Burnett said...

You were never going to have problems at all - but that was a great Satchmo link. And a great collection of dolls.

Joy said...

They are a great loft finds, I dont think you would ever find a teddy bear up there they always seem to stay with their owners, like yours.

Tattered and Lost said...

Oh, I had forgotten about Tiny Tears and Betsy Wetsy. I lost both in storage.

I got a Paddington when I was in my early 30s, a gift from my folks after I told them about the fine bear I'd seen at Hamley's in London. They gave him to me on a trip home on my birthday. I had to fly back to Los Angeles with the bear so I sat him in the center seat. This proved to be quite advantages because people did not want to sit next to the crazy woman with the bear. Finally one fellow sat down in the aisle seat, looked at the bear, then at me and said, "Do you always dress him up?" I smiled and said, "Yes I do." I then stared out the window for the flight home.


the Paddington Bear gets MY vote!!
So stylish!!