Friday, 27 January 2012

Old Views of Rotterdam

Since I joined Sunday Stamps I I have been visiting a stall selling postage stamps at Stockton Market. This week, mixed in with First Day Covers, I picked up a booklet labelled Rotterdam.

Rotterdam booklet - Edition Weenenk & Snel, The Hague
Back cover - with Weenenk & Snel logo
Inside I found nine unused postcards showing views of Rotterdam all in good condition, but obviously old. I have since discovered that Weenenk & Snel from the Hague have produced many views of the cities and towns in the Netherlands most of which are from the early 1900s.

This is one of the cards in the booklet.

Rotterdam - Plan C
The back of each card is the same, except for the Rtt number you can see on this view.

Back of Postcards
Plan C is identified Rtt 015. All cards have the Weenenk & Snel, den Haag triangular logo. The dotted line at the right is the perforation which allows a card to be removed. There is no evidence that any have ever been taken out.

In trying to identify the age of the cards I succeeded in finding another view of Plan C, together with a date of 1915, but unfortunately this date is not on the card.

Plan C - at Postcardsfrom.NL
This is obviously the same view.

The city of Rotterdam was badly damaged by German raids during WWII, with the center of the city being razed to the ground. So far I have been unable to place the location of the photo in modern Rotterdam.

I would welcome comments, especially those that can identify the location of Plan C.

I will show the other cards in later posts.


Rob From Amersfoort said...

I think this was taken from underneath the railway tracks. The water on the left is the 'Kolk'. Plan C was a building between the Kolk and the Oude Haven (Old Harbor). If you look at this map:

The building is at the center at number 10. To the left it is the railway track. You can see it is between the Kolk and the Oude Haven.

After the war a bunch of very modern cubic houses were build on that location. The Kolk was filled up, and the railway went underground.

To conclude, I think the old photo was taken from the location visible in the upper-left corner in this 2009 areal picture:

Bob Scotney said...

Thanks so much for this information, Rob. The links cleared up some queries I have. I can locate other cards on the map link you've given me.
I'm not sure I like the modern houses!
Any comments you can add on the rest of the cards will be welcome.