Thursday, 27 January 2011

Thematic Photographic - Blue

I'm new to Thematic Photographic which I came across on another blog I follow. The topic 'blue' caught my eye and I remembered some shots I had been sent by a training course delegate  who came from Greenland.

 This polar bear seems to be indulging in a spot of sky blue thinking. While the one below is just having fun:

Every day the TV keeps reminding us that this week is supposedly the most depressing of the year. Oh well I suppose I shall just have to wait for these to appear:


darlin said...

I LOVE your first photo, awesome blue shot!

Pat transplanted to MN said...

hmm have not heard of that type of photography, something interesting to do on wintry days....I am awaiting those little spring buds too...

Carmi said...

Greetings, Bob. I am so glad you followed my link over from Karen's site. These photos are wonderful, and they make me realize that northern, cold climates need not be drab and monotonous. These are lovely shots...kudos to the colleague who took them...and to you for sharing them with us. What a delight!

I have posted the new theme, curves, over on my blog. Hope you'll share some mire loveliness this week, too!