Monday, 17 January 2011

January Ghosts

Battlefields, castles and old houses have ghost stories told about them. Old airports are no exception.

Biggin Hill was one of the most important airfields during the Battle of Britain and also later in the war. Ghost Spitfires are quite common and the one at Biggin Hill is probably the most well known.

On 19th January the Merlin engines of a Spitfire may be heard approaching the airfield. The radio presenter, Patrick Muirhead reported seeing a Spitfire when he was flying a light aircraft over Biggin Hill. Investigations showed no such aircraft in the vicinity at the time.

Replica Spitfire (Eden Camp - North Yorkshire)

Also on the 19th horses hooves may be heard near the site of the 1643 Battle of Braddock Down in Cornwall. Royalist forces led by Sir Ralph Hopton defeated Cromwell’s army led by General Ruthvin on that day.

Huddington Court

The avenue of oak trees, “Lady Winter’s Walk,” at the old manor house at Huddington, Worcestershire is the place to see the headless ghost of the wife of Thomas Winter on 31st January. It was Thomas Winter who brought Guy Fawkes into the Gunpowder Plot conspiracy. Huddington was the Winter’s family home. Thomas was executed for his part in the plot on 31 January 1606.

 Entrance to Huddington Court


DW96 said...

The usual mix of entertaining and macabre, Bob., with great pictures, too. You must let me know when these are coimng out in book form.

Christine H. said...

I love your ghost stories. They would make a very nice book.